MicroHealth is a proud and dedicated services provider to the U.S. Federal Government, as well as State and Local Governments. We provide several flexible and comprehensive procurement vehicles to easily accommodate our Government customers. These consortia are designed to streamline processes and procedures and save time and money in IT Services procurement. We are members of the following consortia.

C5 – Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace

  1. C5 accelerates the development and deployment of new capabilities to the Warfighter through the use of Other Transaction Authority. C5 gives members an innovative and commonsense acquisition mechanism for development of new technologies and products to meet government customer requirements.The Office of the Secretary of Defense requested that the Army establish a new OTA to address C4ISR and cyber-technology requirements. In response, C5 was formed. Based upon the simplicity and transparency of its business model, C5 was awarded an initial three-year, OTA with the Army in July 2014, and a 10-year, no-ceiling, follow-on OTA in April 2017. In April 2018, the Marine Corps Systems Command signed a 5-year no-ceiling agreement with C5 for the use of OTA.
  2. Technology Focus Area’s
    1. Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations
    2. Situational Understanding
    3. C4ISR and Targeting
    4. System-of-Systems Architecture
    5. Tactical and Strategic Networks
    6. Enterprise Systems
    7. Software and Hardware Technologies
    8. Artificial Intelligence
    9. Forensics
    10. Analytics
    11. Systems Integration
    12. Electronic Warfare
    13. Positioning, Navigation and Timing
    14. Information Operations
    15. Intelligence Analysis, Exploitations and Disseminations
    16. Mobility and Autonomy
    17. Sensors
    18. Modeling and Simulation
    19. Training
    20. Enabling Technologies

MTEC – Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) is a 501(c)(3) biomedical technology consortium collaborating under an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) that serves those who serve our nation. Over the last decades, U.S. warfighters have suffered devastating trauma. So much injury, so many lives compromised. What’s needed are solutions and their needed now. In partnership with the Department of Defense and private support, MTEC is working to prevent injuries and accelerate the development of revolutionary medical solutions that will enhance wound healing and return the wounded to fully functioning lives. Ultimately, all citizens will benefit from these technologies and health care solutions.

MTEC is focused on building teams to solve problems. Their research priorities are purposeful and outcome driven. The reach of the MTEC team ensures that research developments and new technologies will be applied across the entire medical infrastructure for the benefit of the military, veterans, and civilians. Their collaboration aims to advance biomedicine and create amazing new possibilities, such as:

  1. Providing sight to those who have lost their vision
  2. Providing battlefield diagnostics and therapies to reduce the consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussions
  3. Developing evidence-based therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder to integrate warfighters back into families and society
  4. Advancing cell therapies that heal previously irreparable nerve, vascular and organ damage
  5. Developing new antibiotics to cure life‐threatening infections
  6. Improving telehealth solutions that monitor warfighter health conditions during training and in battle
  7. Reducing substance abuse during chronic pain relief
  8. Commercializing cutting‐edge artificial limbs with greater comfort and functionality in the near term, and, in the longer term, providing limb transplants or regenerative medicine therapies to restore normal functions like walking, grasping and writing
  9. Empowering medics through new advanced technologies to do more treatment at the point of injury

Technology Focus Area’s

  1. Military Infectious Diseases Research Program (MIDRP)
  2. Combat Casualty Care Research Program (CCCRP)
  3. Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program (CRMRP)
  4. Military Operational Medicine Research Program (MOMRP)
  5. Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program (MSISRP)

SOSSEC Consortium – US Army (COBRA)

  1. SOSSEC, Inc. is chartered as the single point of contact activity for the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC), and offers the unique ability to integrate and harness the power of a diverse consortium of organizations. This combination of skilled and experienced collaborators, innovators and performers integrated into a committed support team, offers our clients major benefits including:The Consortium was specifically formed to address the needs of the Department of Defense (DoD). It was founded on a simple concept: that collaboration, innovation, and cooperation among a broad spectrum of industry, academia and non-profit entities vastly improves the products and services delivered to its clients.This concept, combined with a competitive environment among Consortium membership, supported by quality, mission-oriented oversight by SOSSEC, Inc., ensures low-risk, lowest-cost, and the best-of-breed delivery of prototype solutions to our clients.
  2. US Army COBRA: The purpose of the COBRA OTA is to spur innovative development, demonstration, and expedited delivery of prototypes to increase Armed Forces readiness via rapid and responsive projects. The SOSSEC consortium was selected to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the PEO EIS mission, the cyber community, and the Department of Defense through a wide range of efforts which include but are not limited to critical research, experiments, development, testing, modeling, architecture, and evaluation of innovative technology to support prototype efforts. These efforts enhance the mission effectiveness of military personnel and the supporting platforms, systems, components, or materials proposed to be acquired or developed by the Department of Defense (DOD), or improve upon platforms, systems, components, or materials in use by the Armed Forces.

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