MicroHealth is a proud and dedicated services provider to the U.S. Federal Government, as well as State and Local Governments. We provide several flexible and comprehensive procurement vehicles to easily accommodate our Government customers. These vehicles are designed to streamline processes and procedures and save time and money in IT Services procurement. We currently hold or are a subcontractor on the following contract vehicles.


Provides strategic, technical, and program management guidance and support services, to facilitate the modernization of CMS business processes and supporting systems.

Navy Seaport-e

Geared towards efficiency and reduction in the cost of services using the same successful business model of SeaPort.

GSA IT 70 (w/Health SIN)

Delivers federal, state, and local customer agencies the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and obtain the best value for innovative technology products, services, and solutions.


Provides federal customers access to customized IT solutions from a highly qualified pool of industry partners.

GSA Professional Services Schedule

Professional Services Schedule (PSS) gives federal-agency acquisition professionals the ability to obtain total contract solutions for their professional services needs using a single contract vehicle.


Utilizes the JE-RDAP IDIQ contract to execute RDAP activities, in order to provide CBRNE Defense Systems, Capabilities, Equipment, Supplies and Material; Medical Devices, Radiological/Nuclear Defense Systems, and CBRNE Information Systems to the Warfighter.

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MicroHealth provides Health IT solutions under a wide variety of North American Industry Classification System codes.


MicroHealth provides the agility of a small business with the organizational capabilities of a large business. We are appraised at CMMI-DEV level 3 and CMMI-SVC level 3, bringing confidence in the application of best practices and rigor for products and services delivery. We are certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2011, and ISO 27000:2013, demonstrating organizational and project level practices that result in quality of services, deliverables and outcomes.


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