Vienna, VA – Dec. 21, 2013 – Dr. Page NcNall, artist and Chief Governance Officer at MicroHealth, held her first ever show at the Mosaic shopping district in Merrifield, VA on Dec. 15, 2013. McNall works primarily with polymer clay, but also won acclaim for her painting. She’s MicroHealth’s chief company artist, creating the distinctive logo artwork that welcomes guests to the firm’s office in Tysons Corner, VA. “Her dentistry background lends to her detailed work,” said Dr. Frank Tucker, CEO of MicroHealth. “A dentist works in small places with precision so it’s fitting that her artwork carries the same precision in detailed craft work.” As the company’s Chief Governance Officer, McNall is responsible for directing the people, systems and business processes at MicroHealth.

Her first show came about through a chance meeting. While shopping at one of the stores in the Mosaic district, the store manager of the Langford Market boutique complimented her on the jewelry she was wearing. When it became known that she was the creator, McNall was invited to hold a “Trunk Show” of her jewelry at the store. She also maintains a store at Etsy, called Page’s Wanderings, where consumers can purchase her unique pieces. Etsy proved to be the ideal outlet for McNall’s colorful designs. The website caters to independent artists from around the world, providing an e-commerce site that features the work of creative individuals who work in a comprehensive array of mediums.

A relatively new addition to the range of creative mediums, polymer clay must be cured in an oven for it to harden. It was first developed in the 1930s by a German doll maker as an alternative to an early plastic known as Bakelite. It first appeared in the U.S. in the 1970s and quickly won favor with crafters and artists like McNall. It’s not surprising that as a dentist, McNall would excel in the art world. Dentistry requires a strong blend of technical expertise and artistry to make restored teeth durable, functional and to appear natural. Dentists must have an eye for detail in the dental chair and McNall uses that ability in the creation of her custom creations.

Dentistry has been practiced since 7000 B.C. and utilized many of the same methods as jewelers and master craftsmen of the time. Beeswax and other malleable materials were used to create fillings. Wire provided support for loose teeth and helped heal jaw fractures, and specially designed tools were used to perform extractions.

A retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, McNall holds degrees in microbiology, immunology, dentistry and information technology. She was the chief medical information officer for the Department of Defense electronic health record systems. She directed the Periodontal Advanced Oral Hygiene training program and led the 78th Dental Squadron at Robins Air Force Base as its commander. When she’s not immersed in the creative process, McNall serves as the Chief Governance Officer at MicroHealth. McNall can be reached in regard to any of her creations by visiting her Etsy website.

MicroHealth is a Center for Veteran Enterprises (CVE) Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that specializes in health information technology and health information management. MicroHealth is a self-certified small disadvantaged business pending 8(a) and Virginia certified small disadvantaged minority-owned business. MicroHealth believes health information technology is less about the technology. It’s about the PEOPLE empowered with information to make better decisions; VALUE it brings to patients, providers, public health and payers; and INNOVATION that help improve patient outcomes. Simply put, MicroHealth places “health” back into health information technology. This is accomplished through a dedicated team of seasoned health experts including dentists, physicians, health care providers, medical logisticians among many other allied health professionals that help ensure healthcare needs are met using technology as a catalyst.