Happy Holidays,

A year ago, I had just joined the company. MicroHealth had just moved to a larger office building and now, a year later, we are furnishing two new floors to accommodate our growing team. No matter who joined or moved on from the MicroHealth family, the one constant has been the dynamic company culture, and the palpable enthusiasm our employees have for the business. Not only is every member coming in ready to tackle the challenges, but there is always a sense of optimism and high spirits when it comes to the work we do and the people we work with.

Organizations like to show their appreciation for their team’s hard work and efforts with parties and events, but it is meaningless unless the staff actively participates. Over the last year with the company, we have had numerous events; potlucks to showcase MicroHealth’s diverse cultures, step challenges to inspire a healthy lifestyle, food, clothing, and toy drives to give our employees the opportunity to give back, contests and competitions to encourage our different contract teams to connect personally, and after-hour parties and events to celebrate our company’s success and prospects. Every event organizer’s nightmare is to have no one participate, but here at MicroHealth, employee engagement is so robust and unwavering that coordinating events like our holiday party for 750 people felt less like a behemoth task and more of a satisfying challenge. In the last year with the company, I have observed our staff’s unshakeable enthusiasm including participating in events with the scope of our holiday party and events with the intimacy of our ugly sweater gift exchange.