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MicroHealth takes a scientific approach to solving challenges in health through research and development. As a team of health professionals ranging from doctors to nurses to pharmacists, all at the doctorate level, the core of our knowledge base is evidence-based data and medicine. We are scientists who pursue answers through investigatory research to questions on how to address given health-related technical problems in the industry. Though there are many components to research, we look at the technological frontier of health and where they can be exploited to meet your specific need.




MicroHealth teams with customers to provide clinical, market business analysis, and development to improve market capture and clinical workflow.  We assess and measure our customer’s portfolio against targets, and frequent monitoring of internal and external conditions for possible trigger events. We will identify detailed gaps in requirements, standards, stakeholder analysis, and architectural views. A detailed catalog of the description of programs will be published and made available to key employees so that investments can easily be mapped to these areas. Progress of programs will be compared against projected cost, schedule, and expected mission benefits and conducted at key milestones in each program’s life cycle. 

For More Information:

Health Analytics

Resolving key business issues and assist in identifying the best ways to deliver high quality care to patients.

Systems Integration

Managing technology change, from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond

Program Management

Demonstrating leadership to enhance your program and organizational efficiency

Human Factors Engineering

Applying what we know about human behavior to help our customers design products, systems and devices