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Washington DC—At MicroHealth, we show our love and support for our nation’s veterans through a number of avenues including recruitment and non-profit support through donations. We help our veterans transition medical records out of the military by supporting the modernization of the IT field for the VA and

DOD. This Veteran’s day weekend, MicroHealth donated blankets, engaging activities such as board games and puzzles, books, dental care products, hygiene products, and more, to the Washington DC VA Medical Center in our nation’s capital.

No effort is too small when it comes to helping of our nations service men and women in or out of combat.

Three issues facing our veterans today include:

  • Veteran Homelessness

-One in ten of those who are homeless are veterans

-50 percent are disabled

-Three-quarters of homeless veterans have mental health issues

  • Veteran Suicide

-One in five of suicide victims are veterans

-Twenty veterans die of suicide daily

-Unemployment and homelessness contribute heavily to veteran suicide and aggravate symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Veteran Unemployment

-Veteran Unemployment is twice the national average

-Veterans with service-related disabilities had an employment population ration of 43.3 percent, lower than the ratio for those veterans without a disability at 49 percent

The importance of reserving a day to recognize the struggles facing our nation’s veterans cannot be overstated, but these near impossible odds faced by our retired military men and women are an everyday reality. Outreach, aid, and rehabilitation to civilian life must be a constant priority, a point to be moved with any effort big or small. No matter if you’re donating thousands of hours or dollars, driving a veteran to a doctor’s appointment, or writing a thank you letter for their service, any and all actions taken to show your gratitude for our veterans helps.

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