Your growth
is our success

MicroHealth has staked its success on experts and professionals in the industry,
but has
cultivated lasting partnerships and personnel investments through
sponsoring education and training in talented individuals looking to climb the
ladder, or break into a new field.

Here at MicroHealth, we have many employees, past and present looking to
celebrate and
share their success.

Life Lee
The King of IT

Where were you before MH?
I have been working construction since I was 14 with my father. After 9 years in the industry, my passion for construction began to wane. I always had an interest in computers and technology, so when a family friend recommended an IT internship at MicroHealth, I jumped at the opportunity.

What have you achieved through MH?
I was an intern in 2017, IT admin by 2018, and IT Specialist by 2019. Having no background in IT, I had to hit the ground running learning everything I could through a combination of mentors, and company sponsored university education.

What do you see for your future?
My number on focus is completing my degree, and if you’re like me, benefits like tuition reimbursement, healthcare insurance, and salaried employment help provide a work-life balance to launch a career. For anyone committed to developing themselves professionally—I recommend joining a company like MicroHealth that emphasizes education and personal growth—they practice what they preach.

Diwa Reyes

Where were you before MH?
Before working at MicroHealth, I had a slew of jobs and career paths I experimented with; retail, auto mechanics, accounting, and most recently food service. I learned a lot about myself and made many lasting connections through these experiences, but never felt settled or a sense of improvement. My personal and professional growth felt stifled, and worst of all, I was living day to day with no sense of a future.

What have you achieved through MH?
I started out as an intern, learning quickly about the government contracting industry and the intricacies of a corporate office environment. Within 4 months I went from a green intern to full-time employee. I learned to use professional tools such as Adobe Illustrator, SharePoint, WordPress, CRM, and RMS, while networking myself and my company through attending industry events and conferences. Working at MicroHealth gave me the freedom and responsibility to manage my workload, approach, and more importantly my personal growth.

What do you see for your future?
I would recommend MicroHealth to anyone seeking a corporate work environment and looking to expand their repertoire of skills while having the opportunity to move up the professional ladder. They look for work ethic and drive, while valuing potential just as much as experience. Not to mention they throw killer company parties.

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