We are disabled Veterans just like you and we went through the process. We just want to say, you are not alone. You can certainly ask us some questions but why not ask the advocates and experts. Learn more on how to get help from Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) with your Veterans Affairs (VA) Disability. This list contains both chartered and non-chartered VSOs along with brief descriptions from https://www.nrd.gov. Chartered Veteran Service Organizations are federally chartered and/or recognized or approved by the VA Secretary for purposes of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, there are many other great non-chartered Veteran Support Organizations and groups that provide tremendous value. We are not recommending or endorsing any however, the veterans in our staff went with AMVETS because they had a program which was easily accessible from Military Base retirement or separation program for example ACAP. For VA disability calculators and a 2014 VA disability guide, navigate from the menu bar above called “MZONE” or click the links below.

Other useful guides from MicroHealth on VA Disability also found in the menu above under “MZONE”.


AMVETSOffers assistance with filing a VA claim, career center and scholarships for Veterans and active military and their children.

African American Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) AssociationProvides information on PTSD and assistance with homelessness, self-education, training programs and claims preparation for all Veterans with PTSD and/or other military service-related concerns.

Air Force Sergeants AssociationRepresents the interests of current and former enlisted personnel in the Air Force, Air National Guard, Reserve and their families. Co-sponsors scholarships for dependents.

American Ex-Prisoners of War Organization (AXPOW)Provides assistance to former prisoners of war and their families with VA benefits claims and finding lost buddies. Also provides information on prison camp descriptions and medical issues.

American GI Forum of the United StatesAddresses problems of discrimination and inequalities endured by Hispanic Veterans. Serves as an opportunity for civic involvement for the returning Veteran with leadership, volunteer opportunities and advocacy.

American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.Provides support to surviving mothers and their families and works with Veterans and other Veteran organizations.

American LegionProvides free assistance/representation to all veterans with the filing of disability claims, discharge upgrades, job fairs, educational benefits, and family support.

American Red Cross – Services for Military Members & FamiliesProvides emergency communications that link Service Members with their families back home, access to financial assistance, counseling, referral to community resources and assistance to Veterans.

Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC)Offers Service Members, Veterans and their families personalized service in handling their government benefits, including beneficiary changes on insurance policies, claims representation and more.

Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.Provides support for mothers who now have, or have had, children honorably serving in the military.

Catholic War Veterans of the United States of AmericaService organization for the nation’s Catholic Veterans and those who support them. Works to increase awareness of the struggle and needs of our nation’s Veterans, their widows and children.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society of the United StatesFosters friendship and comradeship, protects the name of the medal and individual recipients from exploitation and provides appropriate aid to all persons to whom the medal has been awarded and their families.

Congressionally-Chartered Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs)Links to congressionally-chartered VSOs and the dates of charter.

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs)VA listing of chartered and non-chartered VSOs.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)Provides services and assistance to Veterans, including DoD and VA benefits claims, transportation to and from VA medical facilities, help for homeless Veterans and transition back into civilian life.

Fleet Reserve AssociationThe leading voice of enlisted Sea Service personnel on Capitol Hill, preserves and enhances benefits and quality-of-life programs for members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.Provides service, support and friendship to the widows and widowers of military personnel who died on active duty or as the result of a service connected cause. Also assists members in understanding and obtaining VA, DoD and other benefits.

Italian American War Veterans of the USAProvides support and assistance to Veterans and their families. Services include VA benefits claims representation, aid, peer support and more.

Jewish War Veterans Association (JWV)Offers support to current Jewish Service Members and new Veterans. Provides scholarships for descendants of JWV members, Veterans’ Service Officers, member life and health insurance coverage, the JWV disaster relief fund, care packages and more.

Korean War Veterans AssociationProvides a means of contact and communication among members, promotes the establishment of memorials and aids needy members and their wives and children, and the widows and children of persons who were members at the time of their death.

Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Inc.Organization of members who are recipients of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross and Air Force Cross.

Marine Corps LeagueOffers programs to current and Veteran Marines and their family members, including programs for wounded Marines and scholarship opportunities.

Military Chaplains Association of the USAA support and advocacy organization dedicated to the religious freedom and spiritual welfare of Service Members, Veterans, their families and their survivors. Also provides financial assistance to seminary students who are currently serving as chaplain candidates in the Air Force, Army or Navy.

Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USAProvides services and programs for Purple Heart recipients, including assistance with VA benefits claims through “70 offices”nationwide, scholarships, automobile donations and more.

Military Order of the World Wars – Provides an opportunity for officers of all of the federal Uniformed Services to unite in a strong program to promote national security, patriotism, good citizenship and service to country. The Order is comprised of over 133 Chapters across the nation and supports programs including youth leadership and the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC).

National Amputation FoundationProvides programs and services to help Veterans who lost a limb or limbs in service to their country. Programs include peer counseling, medical equipment donation and recreational activities.

National Association for Black VeteransProvides African-American Veterans claims, career training, pension, education and a wide variety of support, services and networking opportunities.

National Association of County Veterans Service Officers (NACVSO)Works with the VA and other Veterans organizations to ensure that Veterans and their dependents receive the entitlements they deserve. Find a County Service Officer in your state.

National Association of State Directors of Veterans AffairsWorks to secure uniformity, equality, efficiency and effectiveness in providing services to Veterans and their families, especially with claims representation.

National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP)Trains, coordinates and mentors volunteer attorneys nationwide to assist Veterans with obtaining VA benefits.

Navy Club of the United States of America (NCUSA)Service organization made up of citizens of the U.S. who have served, or are now serving in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Seabees, or the U.S. Coast Guard. Advocates on military personnel policy, compensations and retirement formulas.

Navy Mutual Aid AssociationProvides life insurance and annuity products, assists Service Members and survivors in securing federal benefits and provides education on financial security matters.

Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA)Advocates on behalf of current and former enlisted Service Members and their families. Legislative efforts cover compensation, benefits and quality of life issues. Also offers financial assistance for health care, education and disaster relief and employment assistance.

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)Supports Veterans with spinal cord injury and disease by advocating for health care, research, education, benefits and sports programs.

Polish Legion of American VeteransDedicates time and effort to insure that no benefits are denied to those who served their country and advocates for legislation on their behalf.

Swords to PlowsharesProvides national advocacy as well as local emergency shelter and mental health services, residential rehabilitation programs, job referrals, and legal representation to Veterans and their families.

The National Association of Blind VeteransFunctions as a mechanism through which blind Veterans and interested sighted persons can come together to plan and carry out programs to improve the quality of life for blind Veterans as a division of the National Federation of the Blind.

The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)Supports uniformed services enlisted personnel, their families and survivors, including active components, Reserve and National Guard and all retirees, and works to stop the erosion of earned benefits through legislative efforts. Learn about TREA’s National Scholarship program.

United Service Organization (USO)Find support services and recreation activities that include free internet, television, movies, interactive electronic gaming and refreshments for Service Members and dependents.

United Spinal AssociationOffers the VetsFirst program, which directly serves the needs of the Veteran community, offering a network of National Service Officers to Veterans that provide assistance and representation in claims for VA benefits and services and legal representation before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

VA Form 21-22Request a representative from a Veterans Service Organization (VSO) to represent you when you apply for VA benefits.

Veterans Assistance Foundation (VAF)Operates transitional housing programs for Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)Assists Veterans with benefits including compensation, pension, health care, vocational rehabilitation and employment, education and training, home loans, life insurance, and dependency and indemnity compensation.

Veterans of World War I of the USA, Inc.Supports those who have served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States, during the period of World War I, provides aid to their surviving families and dependents and advocates for preferential legislation and laws beneficial to these World War I soldiers.

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (VVnW)/Veterans CoalitionServes all Veterans and their families with support programs, including a transitional homeless Veterans housing and reintegration program, support packages for military serving overseas and for Veterans’ families, assistance for Veterans in trouble with the law, counseling resources and a 24-hour 1-800-VIETNAM phone line.

Vietnam Veterans of AmericaRepresents Vietnam-era Veterans and their families and advocates on Veterans issues, provides VA benefits claims representation and supports the next generation of war Veterans. Local Service Officers are available throughout the country for assistance with VA benefits and other related claims.

Women’s Army Corps (WAC) Veterans AssociationMembership organization for those who have served in the Women’s Army Corps, the Auxiliary Corps or the Army, Army Reserve or the Army National Guard. Provides volunteer services to VA and civilian hospitals and nursing homes.


1st Marine Division AssociationAvailable to all current and former members of the 1st Marine Division. Allows members to re-establish and maintain contact with others who served and supports a scholarship fund for dependents of members who are deceased or totally and permanently disabled.

AcademyWomenSupports the professional and personal growth of women from military academies and officer development programs. Provides supplemental sources of education, mentorship resources, leadership development opportunities and advocacy resources.

Air Compassion for Veterans (ACV)Provides free air transport for OIF-OEF Veterans and family members for medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation.

Air Force Association (AFA)Includes links to information and publications relevant to current and former Service Members, their families and other interested groups, including resources for Veterans.

Air Force Women Officers AssociatedA membership organization for Active Duty, retired and separated women officers of the regular Air Force and its reserve components.

Americal Division Veterans AssociationDedicated as a living memorial to all Veterans of the Americal (23rd Infantry) Division. Pledged to foster true American patriotism, social and welfare activities for all members, allegiance to the United States Government, and its flag, and to perpetuate the traditions and history of the Americal Division of the United States Army.

American Logistics AssociationPromotes, protects and enhances the military resale and quality of life benefits on behalf of our members and the military community. ALA is a voluntary, nonprofit organization of manufacturers, manufacturer’s representatives, brokers, distributors, publishers, and other companies that sell or provide products and services to the military resale systems and MWR/Services.

American Military Retirees Association (AMRA)Provides a means to sponsor, foster, and encourage legislation affecting the status of all military retired personnel. .

American Veterans for Equal RightsA non-profit, chapter-based association of Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans dedicated to full and equal rights and equitable treatment for all present and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

American Volunteer ReserveProvides final military honors to deceased military Veterans in accordance with established military protocols. Also provides trained emergency services volunteer personnel to appropriate requesting agencies.

Army Aviation Association of AmericaSupports Army Aviation soldiers and families with financial assistance for college-level education of members and spouses, unmarried siblings, unmarried children and unmarried grandchildren of current and deceased members.

Army Nurse Corps AssociationA voluntary organization for United States Army Nurse Corps officers. Provides communication and social opportunities to Army nurses and awards scholarships to nursing school programs.

Army Warrant Officers AssociationPromotes the technical and social welfare of members using programs tailored to Warrant officers and their families like the USAWOA Job Bank, USAWOA Tuition and USAWOA Scholarship and more services for credit, finance, events and membership benefits.

Army Women’s FoundationPromotes public interest in the Army and the women who serve in the Army through various programs, research and scholarships.

Association for Service Disabled Veterans (ASDV)Provides programs and services that address legislative and legal advocacy, business development, health care and information access for service disabled Veterans and prisoners of war.

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS)Comprised of professionals serving in the full spectrum of health care disciplines in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Public Health Service, VA, Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Army National Guard, Air National Guard and the Coast Guard.

Association of the United States Army (AUSA)Provides Active Duty Army, National Guard, Reserve, civilians, retirees and family members professional development opportunities and operates the Family Programs Directorate. Also provides scholarships to soldiers and family members.

Benevolent and Protective Order of the ElksOperates a range of programs designed to improve the quality of life of our Veterans as well as salute their service to the country.

Blinded American Veterans Foundation (BAVF)Works to support and advance research on sensory disabilities, improve rehabilitation programs and expand re-employment opportunities.

Call of Duty EndowmentProvides assistance to nonprofit organizations that help Service Members and Veterans find employment and raises awareness of the challenges facing Veterans transitioning to civilian careers after their military service.

Chief Warrant & Warrant Officers Association (CWOA)Represents active, reserve and retired Coast Guard warrant and chief warrant officers to Congress, the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Provides scholarships, death benefits and other services for members.

Coalition for Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans (CIAV)Provides a central place for OIF/OEF military, Veterans, families and caregivers to find information on Veteran Service Organizations and community agencies across the country.

Community Blueprint NetworkShares promising practices that address health, education, employment, family, financial, legal, housing, homeless, reintegration and volunteering services available nationwide for Veterans and military families.

Community of VeteransConnects Veterans together to help them transition into civilian life.

Corps ConnectionsProvides assistance, services and a network of organizations to support Veterans, Navy Corpsmen, Marines and their families. Also links Veterans, Service Members and their families with organizations that can assist with financial needs.

Directory of Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs)VA listing of chartered and non-chartered VSOs.

Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States (EANGUS)Promotes the status, welfare and professionalism of enlisted members of the National Guard by supporting legislation that provides adequate staffing, pay, benefits, entitlements, equipment and installations for the National Guard.

Gary Sinise FoundationProvides an opportunity for people to give back by honoring our defenders, Veterans, first responders, their families and those in need. Creates and supports programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen and build communities.

Grace After FireConnect with women Veterans and clinical providers who specialize in treating mental health, substance abuse and trauma issues of women who have served.

Hope 4 HeroesProvides support to disabled Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, traumatic brain injury, loss of limbs and severe burns. Also offers transition assistance, counseling, career assistance and training, living skills, emergency funding, housing and family counseling.

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)Advocates and educates on behalf of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and their families. Provides information on mental health, traumatic brain injury (TBI), VA health care and benefits, health coverage for National Guard and Reserve, educational benefits and more.

Jewish War Veterans of the United StatesPreserves the memory of Jewish Veterans and provides support services to active and retired Servicemen and women and their families.

Marine Corps AssociationProvides information relevant to Active Duty, Reserve, retired and Marine Veterans, including information related to professional development, education and other benefits.

Marine Corps Reserve AssociationRepresents and advocates exclusively for members of the Marine Corps Reserve and their families.

Merchant Marine Veterans of World War IIDedicated to the Mariners who died during all Wars, including Revolutionary War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and their U.S. Naval Armed Guard shipmates. Provides links and information on the history of the Merchant Marines, services records and more.

Mesothelioma Legal Help for Veterans – Offers veterans legal resources as needed to acquire benefits they deserve following a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis.

Mesothelioma and Veterans’ Guide Offering veterans, who have developed mesothelioma as a result of their service, the information and resources they need to acquire the benefits they deserve.

Military CoalitionA group of 35 military, Veterans and uniformed services organizations representing the interests of the entire uniformed services community, including members’ families and survivors.

Military Officers Association of AmericaProvides information of interest to officers from each branch of the military, as well as resources and services related to health, education, finances, career development and other issues.

National Alliance on Mental IllnessProvides resources for Veterans and Active Duty military members, as well as their families, friends and advocates.

National Association for Black VeteransProvides advocacy on behalf of black Veterans to assist active and retired Servicemen and women with benefits, claims, employment and miltary-related services.

National Association for Uniformed ServicesProvides information and resources of interest to current members and Veterans of all branches of the military.

National Association of American Veterans (NAAV)Serves Veterans and dependents, severely wounded warriors and single parent Service Members by providing services including emergency financial assistance, counseling, scholarships, housing assistance and medical transportation.

National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW)Seeks out, records and tells the history and heritage of African-American Military Women who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces.

National Association of State Veterans Homes (NASVH)Insures that each and every eligible Veteran receives the benefits, services, long-term health care and respect which they have earned by their service and sacrifice.

National Association of State Women Veterans Coordinators (NASWVC)Serves as a forum to exchange ideas, information and training to facilitate reciprocal service for women Veterans and to secure uniformity, equality and effectiveness in providing these services to women Veterans.

National Association of Veterans’ Program AdministratorsA nationally recognized professional organization for people working in campus based and community based Veterans’ programs.

National Guard Association of the United StatesProvides information, events and resources of interest to current and retired National Guard members.

National Gulf War Resource CenterProvides information, support and referrals to Veterans of recent and current wars about gulf war illness, toxin-induced illnesses, Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

National League of FamiliesServes the families and survivors of the seven uniformed services through education, information and advocacy. Issues include medical and dental benefits, dependent education, retiree and survivor benefits, relocation and spouse employment.

National Native American Veterans’ AssociationDedicated to helping Native American Veterans receive benefits from their military service regardless of tribal affiliation, degree of Native American blood or branch of service.

National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA)Provides professional representation to American Veterans and their dependents seeking benefits through the federal benefits system.

National Society Daughters of the American RevolutionServes as a non-political volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history and better education for children.

National Veterans FoundationProvides links to resources for Veterans and their families, specifically crisis management, information and referral services. Includes a lifeline hotline number: 1-888-777-4443.

National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans CoalitionProvides an interactive, on-line forum for Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans and their families and friends to exchange information, stories, poems, songs, art, pictures and experiences in any publishable form.

Naval Enlisted Reserve Association (NERA)Represents the enlisted reservist members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard and works to improve their compensation and benefits.

Naval Officer Mentor AssociationProvides mentoring to all Naval Officers across the spectrum of diversity to help members make the most of their careers, secure employment and increase community outreach.

Navy Cruiser Sailors AssociationSupports active and inactive U.S. Navy cruisers, widows and associate members with comradery, an informative newsletter, assistance with Naval Cruiser Memorials and aid to Veterans, their widows and orphans.

Navy League of the United StatesProvides financial assistance to the dependents and direct descendants of sea service personnel for college and university expenses.

Navy Nurse Corps AssociationA non-profit, national organization dedicated to bringing Navy nurses together.

Navy Seabee Veterans of AmericaPromotes comradeship, fosters interest in SEABEE activities and assists in the rehabilitation and welfare of the Veterans.

Navy Supply Corps FoundationA non-profit philanthropic and social organization whose members include Active Duty and retired officers from the United States Navy Supply Corps. Programs include scholarships for family members of qualifying Navy Supply Corps officers or supply enlisted members.

OSS-101 Veterans AssociationConducts agricultural, schooling, translation and other Veteran service projects on behalf of the troops known as the USA Kachin Rangers.

P-38 National AssociationCollects memorabilia to preserve the memory of the classic WWII aircraft — the P38 “Lockheed Lightning” — for future generations.

Red River Valley Fighter Pilot AssociationOffers aerial combat Veterans, their spouses and dependents aid, comfort and scholarships. Its affiliate, the Air Warrior Courage Foundation, provides financial assistance for medical, educational and other extraordinary expenses not covered by other military, Veteran’s, or charitable institutions.

Reserve Officers AssociationProvides information and resources available to reserve, active, retired and former officers and warrant officers of the US Uniformed Services, including resources and benefits related to education, career development, health, mobilization and family support.

SEAL Legacy FoundationSupports families of wounded and fallen Navy SEALs, educational assistance for SEALs and their families, and other charitable causes benefiting the SEAL community.

Service Women’s Action NetworkConnects women Veterans to mentors for personal and professional guidance, legal advice and counseling services.

Society of Air Force NursesNon-profit Veterans organization that provides support and social opportunities to retired, active duty or reserve status Air Force nurses.

Society of Military WidowsAdvocates for benefits and entitlements for military widows. Serves the interests of widows of deceased military personnel of all ranks – when death occurred during active duty, retirement from the military, or from a service-connected cause.

TLC Brotherhood Offers membership into a Thailand-Laos-Cambodia brotherhood that provides assistance to charitable causes, a quarterly newsletter and annual reunion for members.

U.S. Army Ranger AssociationPreserves the heritage of the U.S. Army Rangers through scholarships, events, fellowships, memorials and much more.

Veterans & Military Families for ProgressServes as a national organization dedicated to ensuring that the rights and needs of Veterans, Service Members and their families are understood, endorsed and protected.

Veterans for Common SenseAdvocates on behalf of Veterans rights, including benefits.

Veterans of Modern WarfareDedicated to serving current Active Duty Service Members, National Guard, Reserve and any Veteran of the United States Armed Forces who has served since August 2, 1990 by providing education and information about benefits, assistance in obtaining benefits, and advocacy on issues important to all Veterans.

Veterans of the Battle of the BulgeProvides information about the World War II Memorial in Iowa that features photos about the famous “Battle of the Bulge”.

Veterans’ Widows/ers International NetworkReaches out to Veterans’ widows/ers across the United States and overseas to provide fellowship and assist them with identifying and claiming survivor benefits. Also keeps survivors abreast of new legislation and news affecting benefits.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial FundBrings long overdue honor and recognition to the men and women who served and sacrificed their lives in Vietnam. Includes The Virtual Wall that is a commemorative website created to extend the legacy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It allows families, friends and Veterans to post photo, text and audio remembrances to those who lost their lives in the war or remain missing in action.

Vietnam Women’s Memorial FoundationPromotes the healing of Vietnam women Veterans through the placement of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., and facilitates research on the physiological, psychological and sociological issues related to military service.

Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War IIWorking to document, digitize and publish the history of the Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II into an exciting and unique multi-media Virtual Museum. Also features the exhibit for Fly Girls of World War II.

Women Marines Association (WMA)A non-profit Veterans organization comprised of women who have served or are serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps regular or reserve components. Programs and services include a scholarship program and an emergency fund for Veterans who have short-term emergency financial needs.

Women Veterans of AmericaServes as an advocate organization for women Veteran’s rights, issues and benefits.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial FoundationInformation about the memorial at Arlington National Cemetery honoring women who have defended America throughout history.

Women of the Sea Services (WAVES)Provides networking for women who have served or are currently serving in the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Reserves sea services.

Women’s Overseas Service LeagueSupports women who have served overseas in or with the Armed Forces with comradeship, Veteran service projects, scholarships and conventions.

Wounded Warrior ProjectOffers wounded warriors programs and services including benefits counseling, employment assistance, family and peer support, recreational activities and advocacy, to assist as they transition back to civilian life.