• Navigate through each of the following screens using the “NEXT” button, and if necessary the “PREV” button. On each screen, check each checkbox that corresponds to a condition the veteran has.
  • For STEP 1: The total conditions checked will automatically display in the Total SMC-K Conditions input textbox.
  • For STEP 2 through STEP 9: Select an SMC Level from the drop-down select according to the instructions.
  • Activate the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” tab to read more information regarding conditions that have “(See INFO #).” Select the anchor “INFO #” that corresponds to the condition above.
  • To receive a printout of a screen, activate the “PRINT” button and follow through.
  • To reset the app, activate the “RESET” button.

NOTE: When you leave this page or click refresh, all the values you entered will be cleared.

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