1. Enter the name of the condition or leave it blank which it will increment automatically condition 1,2,3…10
  2. Select your estimated disability percentage for that condition on the same line
  3. Once you have entered 3 conditions and need to add more, click the “Add Line” button and follow instructions 1 and 2 above
  4. If you edit any of the values you entered or chose, the disability will automatically recalculate
  5. If you need to remove a line or condition, click the “Remove” button and it will automatically recalculate
  6. Your disability rating in section 2 of this questionnaire will automatically be factored from your answers from questions 1-5
  7. Answer whether you have children
  8. If you have children, 2 more questions will display. Select how many children you have over 18 and how many you have under 18 that are in school
  9. Answer whether you have a spouse
  10. If you have a spouse, one more question will display. Answer if they need aid and assistance (a/a)
  11. Enter the total number of dependent parents you have
  12. If you would like to print the results, click the print button.  You can print just section 1, print just section 2 or print the entire page by selecting print all
  13. When you leave this page or click refresh, all the values you entered will be cleared

For more VA disability calculators, navigate from the menu bar above called “Veterans” or choose the calculator that you are looking for by clicking the links below.

Other useful guides from MicroHealth on VA Disability also found in the menu above under “Veterans”.