Veterans’ Employment Situation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate of the veterans is continuously rising. They have found that the unemployment rate of the veterans who have served in the U.S Armed Forces in the period known as the Gulf War-era II is already 9%. The overall percentage of jobless veterans is down to about 6.6%. Almost 29% of the Gulf War-era veterans are suffering from service-connected impairment.

Through the Current Population Survey, or CPS, all the unemployment and employment data are determined in the US. All the accurate information is gathered and compiled. The following are the highlights of the 2013 data:

  • In 2013, the unemployment rates of the women have declined into 6.9% while the unemployment of the veteran men is down to about 6.5%.
  • Among the overall number of unemployed veterans, which is approximately 722,000, 60% of these veterans are 45 and above, 35% of them are between 25-44, and the remaining 5% are between 18-24.
  • One third of all veterans are still working in the public sector in spite of their service-connected disability, while 1 out of every 5 veterans who are not disabled are no longer working.
  • In August 2013, 6.2% of the veterans who had service-connected impairment were unemployed.

Veteran Population

In the year 2013, 21.4 million women and men of the civilian non-institutional population are already considered veterans, all 18 and older. Veterans are individuals, both men and women, who have served their duty in the United States Armed Forces as well as individuals who became civilians when the survey was held. Veterans are usually men who are older than the nonveterans. This also reflects on the veterans’ characteristics. These men bravely served during World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. The number of veterans who served in these periods is almost half of the overall number of the veteran population. Almost 6.1 million of the veterans served during the Gulf War era I and Gulf War era II. Another 5.5 million veterans served outside of the designated periods of war.

The Veterans of Korean War, Vietnam War and World War II

It is estimated that about 9.8 million of the veterans have served during these war time periods, Vietnam era, Korean War and World War II. These veterans are individuals who are already 55 years of age and more than 70% of these are already 65 years of age. Almost 96% of these veterans are believed to be men. 30% of these male veterans are in labour force while their unemployment rate is 6.5%.

Veterans with Service-Connected Disability

According to the survey in 2013, 15% or almost 3.2 million of the veterans are suffering from service-connected disability. These veterans are provided with disability ratings by United States Department of Veterans Affairs and by the United States Department of Defense. The ratings are ranging from 0-100%, 10% of which is added depending on how severe the veterans’ condition is.

Among all the veterans who reported with service-connected disability, 35% of these persons are able to get a rating of 30% while 3 out of 10 veterans are able to get 60% rating and above. By August 2013, it has been reported that twice of 30% rating of the veterans with service-connected disability are found on labour force. Also, it is said that 3 out of 10 veterans who have served during the Gulf War Era have service-connected disability. The unemployment rate of the veterans with service-connected disability because of Gulf War era is 8.6% while the unemployment rate of those who are not disabled is almost 11.1%.

Despite of having service-connected disability, which is due to various war periods they have served, it has been found out that these veterans are still working in various public sectors. The survey says that almost 31% of these veterans are still employed and they are working in local, state or federal governments. These governments, particularly federal government have employed 19% disabled veterans, 7% veterans without disabilities and 2% who are not veterans. These veterans are given the chance to work and be productive despite of the service-connected disability they got.