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The bilateral factor (extra 10% added to combined disability rating) applies when a veteran has disabilities on paired limbs and/or paired skeletal muscles.

  • The disability ratings for paired legs, arms, and skeletal muscles get calculated in their order of severity, resulting in one combined disability rating.
  • Ten percent (10%) is added to the combined disability rating, then rounded to the nearest integer (bilateral factor).
  • The bilateral factor is then combined in order of severity with the individual factors.

STEP 1: Disability Rating

  • Enter disabilities that qualify for the bilateral factor (even 0%) into the Bilateral Factors section. Condition names are optional.
  • Enter remaining disabilities into the Individual Factors section (even 0%). The calculator will automatically enter the value of the bilateral factor. Condition names are optional.
  • Receive Estimated Disability Rating value.

NOTE: For each section, the web app sorts the disabilities in order of severity prior to calculating the Estimated Disability Rating, so the order of input does not matter.

STEP 2: Print Results

  • If there are Bilateral Factors and Individual Factors, then make sure both sections are open prior to printing.
  • If there are no Individual Factors, then click on the Individual Factors tab to close that section prior to printing.
  • If there are no Bilateral Factors, then click on the Bilateral Factors tab to close that section prior to printing.

NOTE: When you leave this page or click refresh, all the values you entered will be cleared.

Determine Your Estimated Disability Rating

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