Performance Highlights

United States Army

Deploy medical simulation training center(s) (MSTC), including software development, system security management, training, and integration support allowing service members to receive medical training under battlefield-like conditions.

US Coast Guard

Selected a cloud-hosted telehealth software that was rolled out to clinicians and patients allowing for virtual visits and consultations during the pandemic.

Department of Health and Human Services

Provide full-lifecycle IT services for the system, with an initial emphasis on improving the user experience and modernizing the infrastructure to better support the 400+ federal partners and 900 million users that depend on the platform for all federal grants.

DOD/VA Interagency Program Office

Developed and implemented a machine learning natural language processing prototype to structure clinical reporting and analysis data allowing healthcare providers faster access to relevant clinical data.

Defense Health Agency

Installed a program management office to manage and ensure the integration of medical equipment into the new EHR allowing for seamless integration and data capture in support of patient outcomes.

Current & Past Performance

Dept. of Defense (DOD) and Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Blood Transfusion Support Services & HCLL License Renewal Support

Implement, train, and resolve defects for the DoD’s Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS) resulting in safer, more reliable blood donor management.

Clinical Information System Trainers

Provide training, clinical workflow and technical support to increase productivity and care communication for the Air Force and Navy clinical communities.

Defense Medical Information Exchange (DMIX)

Integrate data from disparate systems by upholding adapters for intra/interagency health data sharing for DMIX.

DHA Defense Health Board (DHB)

Support, Analysis and Assessment: Provides studies and analysis, program management, logistics, and records and information management support for the DHB.

DHA Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Purposed Emergency Access Response Point of Injury and Trauma Simulation (SPEARPOINTS)

Develop, integrate, test, and maintain a medical simulation prototype for Special Operations Forces (SOF) teams to train collectively on SOF Medical Critical Tasks, in a mission scenario that replicates in-theater safe house/team house environments with the ultimate intent on informing the production and fielding of an enduring capability.

DTC – DTE SME Support and Testing Infrastructure Management Services (TIMS)

Support PEO DHMS Testing to deploy and manage data center infrastructure to test legacy and future health IT for improved: readiness, quality of care, cost of care and population health.

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH) Medical Communications Infrastructure Technical Support Services (MCITS) & Cybersecurity Support Services

Provide clinical information systems training (outpatient and inpatient), help desk support services (Tiers 1 & 2), systems administration, cybersecurity analysis and remediation, and network engineering.

IPO Clinical Data Gap

Develop and implement a natural language processing and machine learning prototype to structure data for clinical decision support, analysis, and reporting.

Joint Medical Asset Repository Development and Sustainment (JMAR)

Provide program management support & web development for JMAR, a web-enabled repository within the Defense Medical Logistics – Enterprise Solution (DML-ES). This repository captures inventory and transactions from distributed medical logistics systems at over 400 locations and provides flexible supply chain management.

Joint Operational Medicine Information System (JOMIS)

Integrate components to provide complete clinical care documentation, medical supply and equipment tracking, patient movement visibility and health surveillance in theater.

Medical Device Integration

Establish and operate a Program Management Office (PMO) to determine life cycle management and re placement requirements for medical devices to be integrated into MHS GENESIS.

Theater Medical Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J)


Transitional Intermediate Management Organization (tIMO), Program and Project Management Support Services 

Provide subject matter experts in program management, IT, systems engineering, cybersecurity assessment, network engineering and site implementation/migration to support deployment of the Med-COI/ D2D network for six medical treatment facilities, and two medical centers.

Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) Data Integration Support Services (DISS)

Provide IT, data warehouse and data processing support services to the DoD for the Designated Provider (DP) health care delivery system in support of the Military Health System (MHS) system.

Air Force Drug Testing Lab Information Technology (AFDTL-IT) Support Services 

Offering guidance and support to HQ AFDTL in maintaining, troubleshooting, upgrading, and accrediting all aspects of its information technology, including software, hardware, network, and accreditation assistance.



Army National Guard (ARNG) Centralized Credentialing and Privileging Support Services

Provide centralized credentialing and privileging services and support to the ARNG Office of the Chief Surgeon (CSG). Support transitioning ARNG providers with initial entry credentialing, maintenance of credentialing and privileging cases, and supporting the Centralized Credentials Privileging Board’s review of completed credentials and privileging files.

Army Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTC) Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS)

Provide medical simulation training (clinical & field-combat settings) software development, & integration support to Army MSTC deployed sites. Support site configurations with help desk services, solutions development, system security management, training, and technology enhancement.

U.S. Army Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) Fort Hood

Support the establishment of the MSTC training capability at Fort Hood, TX to recertify at least 2500 Army Medics (68W) a year.

U.S. Army Medical Training Command and Control (MT-C2) System Installation

Support procurement, integration, delivery, installation, and testing of the MT-C2 system. at eighteen (18) fielding locations at various military installations. Support the delivery of a medical skills training platform for military personnel to obtain sustainment and validation of their medical skills.


Select a cloud-hosted, commercial-off-the-shelf, software service solution, and live teleconferencing capability between Coast Guard Health Care professionals and their patients.

Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) Program

Provide deployment, testing, and transition support for the Cerner Electronic Medical Record solution.

Community Care Reimbursement System Development (CCRS)

Provide project management support, requirements analysis, design, development, COTS integration and testing support.

Enterprise Testing Service Support Services (ETSSS)

Provide testing and evaluation services and database administration support for a suite of VA health information systems to ensure the software meets VA objectives.

Product Support-Health Tier 3 Sustainment Support

Provide requirements analysis, technical support, system engineering, cybersecurity, help desk support and subject matter expertise to sustain and maintain HPS Admin applications.

Dept. of Energy (DOE)

Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) and Condition Assessment Information System (CAIS)

Provide comprehensive support services for the operation and maintenance of FIMS and CAIS, including application software support, FIMS/CAIS hotline support, infrastructure support services, maintenance of FIMS and CAIS informational websites, compliance with Federal Real Property Council reporting requirements, year-end data analysis, and FIMS data validation.

Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) IT Services

Provide full-lifecycle IT services for the system which includes modernization, operations & maintenance, system security, platform management, and Tier 3 support services.

Office of Pharmacy Affairs 340B Drug Pricing Program Information System (OPAIS)

340B enables healthcare providers to buy drugs at steep discounts to assist low-income patients. Through OPAIS, HRSA 340B manages program eligibility and participation of organizations, collects proprietary drug pricing data, and publishes discount prices.

EHR System Initiative for National Hansen’s Disease Program (NHDP)

Provide a full-service EHR System for the documentation of treatment for patients across the U.S. who are diagnosed with Hansen’s disease.

Enterprise Infrastructure and Architecture Services (EIAS) BPA

Support a broad range of services including IT Strategic and Policy Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Capital Planning and Investment Control, IT Security, Application Development, IT Help Desk Services, Network, Hosting, and other IT Infrastructure services.

COVID-19 Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics Enhancement

Provide sustainment and enhancement of Enterprise Data Management and Business Intelligence framework. Deliver strategy for maturing the enterprise data management, reporting & business analytics, and business intelligence solutions using enterprise analytics tools. Support and implement enhancements that reduce data gaps, streamline & extend data collection, and provide health information for multiple clinical and epidemiological requests.

National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS) Operations and Maintenance

Support, maintain, and enhance data management and business intelligence while improving data integrity, user access, and governance.

EHR Modernization

Part of a larger team helping IHS replace its Resource and Patient Management System with a new enterprise EHR platform that will use modern technologies and integrate best practices designed to improve health care outcomes and support tribal and urban Indian health care organizations in a multitenant environment, according to the solicitation.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Website Development

Lead the migration of EDI’s external Drupal website and internal SharePoint site.

EDI Graphics and Video Services

Provide communications, graphics, and video support for ongoing projects across EDI.

Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Oversight FEMA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Support the Assurance and PMO Divisions in overseeing and enabling the dozens of projects under the OCIO. The team consists of technical team members who are ensuring tailored application of the Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC), promoting the transition to Agile development, and validating the effectiveness of applications.

Flexible Agile Scalable Teams (FAST)

Provide 360 Agile services for applications across the enterprise supporting design, development, testing, and adaptive maintenance activities.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Support

Assist in providing full scope FOIA case management in processing FOIA/PA requests, including performing release reviews pursuant to the nine FOIA exemptions.

Dept. of State (DOS)

Protected Health Information Management System (PHIMS)

As the EHR Solutions Provider for DOS, we are deploying and implementing the DOS MED enterprise EHR at over 200 health units worldwide. We provide enterprise application integration, data management and governance, project management, application training, IT security compliance, and network support. We also provide the Bureau of Medical Services with infrastructure support, cloud hosting & integration, operations & maintenance, system configuration control, help desk/user support, system administration, database administration, software/web development, secure messaging, and system security administration support. We also receive & digitize paper medical records from DOS locations around the globe and archive & store them in a NARA-compliant facility.

Virtual Medical Specialist Consultations

Deliver high-quality healthcare solutions and facilitate effective communication between patients, specialists, and relevant stakeholders within DOS. Deliver medical specialist consultations, establish and manage a telehealth platform, procure and maintain hardware infrastructure, provide program management oversight, and generate comprehensive consultation reports.

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