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Transforming Healthcare Efficiency with Cloud Engineering & Development

The cloud has become the way organizations store, access and process information. More and more health care agencies are realizing how to leverage its power for operational efficiency and high-quality patient care.

MicroHealth is an expert partner in cloud application development for health care organizations within the U.S. government. Our veteran-founded company includes multiple former and current clinicians. That gives us an exclusive perspective on solving the challenges of IT modernization for today’s government providers.

Uses for IT Cloud Services in Health Care

There are numerous uses for cloud computing in health care.

Challenges for medical personnel in military and federal government agencies often include a physical distance between the provider and the patient, especially in active-duty situations. Many providers rely on telehealth delivery and virtual appointments to improve patient flow and safety. 

Our team helps build cloud-based telehealth applications that provide privacy, security and better provider access.

Sharing information between providers results in better patient care. A cloud-based application ensures everyone can access real-time data for better clinical decisions and coordinated treatment. Plus, laws like the 21st Century Cures Act make digital information management a must. Organizations that prevent the free flow of crucial medical information between providers risk hefty fines.

Patients also expect access to their health information and convenient communication with their providers, like scheduling appointments or requesting prescriptions from a single source. With secure web-based tools, providers can meet these needs, plus offer features like secure text messaging and push notifications that keep patients informed.

MicroHealth’s application engineers and developers help design and build cloud-hosted solutions like patient portals that support these changing consumer demands.

One significant challenge facing modern providers is the multitude of legacy systems that don’t communicate. The cloud is an ideal place for aggregating data from those sources into a single, user-friendly interface. This approach eliminates extra time associated with tracking information from different sources.

Another common challenge is integrating valuable data from medical devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows connected items to transmit information automatically. For example, devices that monitor blood glucose levels in a patient with diabetes can trigger alerts when levels hit specified thresholds.

With a cloud-based solution from MicroHealth, you can collect and integrate this data directly into a patient’s electronic health records — better preparing you to assess treatment efficacy or guide patient discussions.

MicroHealth’s Cloud Solution Services

Our team combines cloud computing and health care services beyond cloud software development. MicroHealth’s capabilities also include enterprise application integration services and cloud database development and management.

With cloud-based integration support, we can:

Project Spotlights

Excellence in Action

MicroHealth supplies cloud engineering services to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the Department of State (DOS).

United States Coast Guard

Our USCG services support the branch’s telehealth program. MicroHealth developed their cloud-hosted solution with live videoconferencing abilities, allowing virtual consultations between member patients and providers. The two groups can share medical information, like test and imaging results, regardless of geographic distances.

Department of State

For the DOS, our team of professionals provides cloud data management services and support for the agency’s Bureau of Medical Service. We helped them digitize and archive their paper records into a centralized digital resource. These solutions offer access to complete information during patient interactions to improve clinical outcomes.

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