Clinical Information Systems Training and Implementation Services

Successfully treating and diagnosing patients requires access to crucial information — patient data, the ever-evolving standards of care, directives from other care team members and more. Providers also need access to other vital statistics such as available personnel and the number of open beds.

Healthcare information systems are essential to having this data at your fingertips. Implementing them and training users can be challenging without the right health care IT partner in your corner.

MicroHealth is an experienced provider of IT solutions for health care organizations in the U.S. government. Our mission is to deliver innovation that improves patient care, empowers better decision-making and provides value to stakeholders. We offer medical information systems training and implementation services that support your health information system design, resulting in higher productivity and user confidence.

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What Is Clinical Workflow Design?

Clinical workflow design is an approach to streamlining your health care organization’s processes for more efficiency and enhanced patient care. You can reengineer your health information systems to improve service delivery and quality with a thorough analysis of how you get work done and meet patient needs.

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How Does Clinical Workflow Design Improve Patient Care?

Modern solutions based on unique organization challenges allow providers to:

Update Communication Methods

Reliance on outdated technology can lead to frustration, inefficiency and a lack of critical information. Healthcare information system design implements more advanced tools that facilitate communication and eliminate delays in patient care.

Use Resources Wisely

Inefficient workflows lead to excess waste. Training your users and implementing systems that optimize your organization’s clinical workflows translates to higher throughput and better treatment delivery.

Boost Interoperability

One of the primary issues with electronic health record (EHR) systems is eliminating the data silos they often create. When providers implement an integrated solution, they deliver more coordinated patient care.

Selecting a Clinical Information Systems Training and Implementation Company

Choosing the right health care IT expert for system implementation and training is vital to achieving your goals. Modernize and upgrade successfully by:

Identifying Your Needs

A beneficial partnership begins with a mutual understanding of your training and implementation challenges and goals.

Prioritizing Your Requirements

You narrow the field when you decide which features and services are must-haves and deal-breakers.

Surveying Colleagues

Other health care professionals are a valuable source of information and referrals based on first-hand experience.

Asking Questions

You must understand the training and implementation services your IT partner provides and how they improve patient care for your organization — communicate openly and freely.

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Our Healthcare Information Systems Training and Implementation Services

MicroHealth’s clinical information systems training and implementation services include:

A thorough analysis of your current workflows: We aim to understand the processes and procedures you rely on to meet your unique agency requirements. This information forms the basis of a training and implementation strategy that meets your goals for delivering better patient care.

Usability testing for health care professionals: Optimizing your tech stack means having users willing to embrace your health systems. Usability testing ensures you implement tools that offer a user-friendly experience while improving patient outcomes.

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We Know Business Process Reengineering in Health Care

MicroHealth is a veteran-owned, award-winning provider of health care IT services. Our agency experience includes work for the Defense Medical Information Exchange (DMIX), the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and the Department of Defense (DoD)

  • DMIX

    DMIX serves the medical communities in the Navy and Air Force, providing critical patient data needed for effective treatment. MicroHealth implemented a solution that extracts data from multiple stand-alone systems and enables secure sharing between care agencies. Our seasoned clinical information systems trainers provide user learning, workflow analysis and technical support that boosts productivity and fosters communication.


    DHA oversees infrastructure at the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (FBCH). The agency turned to MicroHealth for tailored clinical system implementation, instruction and support services. Our team delivers complete IT systems training for inpatient and outpatient needs that improve their efficiency and patient flows.


    The DoD runs an Enterprise Blood Management System for their banks and donors. MicroHealth helped the agency with its implementation, training and defect resolution across the system. As a result, they achieved more dependable blood donor management and safer blood care.

Trust MicroHealth for Clinical Information System Training & Implementation

We’re health care experts first and technology gurus second. Our veteran-led team includes many former and current clinicians familiar with the challenges of governmental providers, which makes us uniquely qualified to deliver training support and software implementation services in health care organizations for military-based clinicians. Get white-glove service from a MicroHealth specialist online or call us at 1-855-294-3547 today.

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