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The world of health and clinical informatics is exciting and diverse, supporting a multidisciplinary approach to health information and analytics. This perspective combines technology, data and health care for a contemporary and holistic view of health information management.

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What Is Health Informatics?

Clinical informatics is the science of data use to improve patient health, treatment delivery and clinical outcomes. In the field, clinical informatics specialists apply health sciences information and computational services to:

  • Enhance decision-making.
  • Optimize problem-solving.
  • Promote effective research.

Where Does Health Care Data Come From?

Health and clinical informatics services help modernize a health care organization for better patient care. Integrating tools, devices and resources optimize health information administration. The field includes perspectives from disciplines like:

  • Telemedicine services.
  • Decision-support systems.
  • Artificial intelligence and natural language processing.
  • Data access, privacy and security.
  • Ethics.
  • Global health care systems, methods and results.
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Prescriptive Analytics

This information is about the future beyond just predicting a potential event — it provides actionable insights to manage what comes next. Such data is a powerful tool for initiatives like preventing the spread of infection by identifying vulnerable patients or commonalities in care that could lead to outbreaks.

Discovery Analytics

With discovery analytics, health care professionals can better assess potential next steps. This strategy uses sophisticated applications to analyze data that improves patient care, such as developing alternative treatments and new medications. Clinicians can test theories against the data to predict outcomes, which may help quicken new solutions.

Why Are Informatics in Healthcare Important?

Enables Colaboration

Sharing information between providers, facilities and departments empowers patients and their loved ones to engage in decision-making and supports self-care efforts.

Enhances the Flow of High-Quality Information

Modern technology allows for real-time informatics sharing from self-monitoring, so providers can better synthesize their knowledge with data to improve patient care.

Personalizes the Patient Experience

The exchange of high-quality information supports a system-wide approach that considers and coordinates all aspects of patient care, including emotional and mental well-being.

How Our Health Informatics Services Can Help

MicroHealth is an experienced provider of health information administration services and support. Our informatics support services include:

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

EHRs are a crucial component of health informatics as a centralized digital resource for compiling patient treatment records, diagnosis histories and medications. MicroHealth has extensive experience in designing and implementing EHR systems.

Patient Portals

Facilitating communication supports an inclusive and engaging patient experience. We’re experts in building custom solutions that adhere to data governance, information security and privacy laws.

Online Patient Self-Reporting Tools

These resources help patients improve their quality of life by monitoring and managing symptoms with provider feedback and intervention support. MicroHealth designs and deploys personalized software applications to meet provider and patient needs.


Today’s technology improves patient care with virtually based consultations for more patient convenience and higher efficiencies. Our subject matter experts understand the unique requirements of building successful telehealth solutions.

Device and App Integrations

Easily gather data from patient devices by allowing them to opt into sharing from fitness trackers and smartphone apps. We’ll support you with interoperability solutions that can standardize data for meaningful use.

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Our US Government-Based Health Informatics Experience

Our health informatics specialists deliver services to medical agencies and organizations throughout the federal government. Our projects include:

  • Defense Health Agency (DHA) data gap resolution: The MicroHealth team designed and deployed a prototype including machine learning and natural language processing. These features help gather and standardize data for analysis, clinical decision-making and streamlined reporting.
  • DHA Defense Health Board support: Our health care IT professionals lent their expertise across a wide range of informatics services, including health information and medical records administration. We also assisted in program management and provided information management support based on in-depth analysis.
  • Department of State (DOS) protected health information management: MicroHealth provides complete health information system management for the Bureau of Medical Services. Our solutions include paper record archival and digitation, infrastructure support, data management and governance and health information system training.
  • DHA medical device integration: MicroHealth designed and implemented a custom solution to monitor and manage devices across their life span by integrating their data into existing systems. Features also included the ability to factor in required replacement criteria, enhancing patient confidence and safety.
  • DOS EHR implementation: Our experts deployed an enterprise-wide EHR solution to over 200 health units across the globe. This system allows care teams to exchange information securely and in real time for better treatment coordination.
  • Telehealth implementation for the U.S. Coast Guard: We’re the exclusive telehealth provider for the U.S. Coast Guard. Our cloud-based software solution allows quick and convenient treatment delivery regardless of physical location.
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Get your health system administration services and clinical informatics support from the experts. MicroHealth is a veteran-owned company with many clinicians on the team, which gives us a unique perspective in designing solutions since we’re health care professionals first. Our team members are ready to treat you to our white-glove service — call us at 1-855-294-3547 or connect with us online to learn more.

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