Electronic Health Records

Streamlining Patient Care with Comprehensive Electronic Health Record Services

Health care organizations handle many files that chronicle each patient’s health journey and other vital information. Many facilities are switching to keeping electronic health records (EHR) instead of paper files. EHR is a digital, real-time record of patient health information, including treatment plans, laboratory and test results, medical histories, immunization dates, medications, radiology images, diagnoses, allergies, and more.

Why Electronic Health Record Modernization Matters

Using electronic health record services is a must for health care organizations. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has a mandate requiring federal agencies to move to an electronic document management system by December 31, 2022.

Paper records cause these challenges in health care organizations:

  • Information silos: Having patient data on paper means practitioners have a limited overview of this information. With paper records, it is difficult for health care organizations to notice patient care or health trends.
  • Document security: The health care industry must meet strict document security requirements to protect their patients’ confidential health information. Paper records are easier to access than digital files, which can compromise integrity.
  • High costs: Keeping paper files requires purchasing paper, printers, manila folders, filing cabinets and other office supplies. These costs add up as you onboard more patients.

Information technology in health care that supports EHR takes advantage of this technology development to provide better patient care.


MicroHealth’s EHR Infrastructure Services

MicroHealth is an IT solutions provider for health care organizations. We help government agencies modernize their record-keeping systems to be more effective. Our clinical documentation improvement services include creating, maintaining and supporting networks while implementing security measures.

MicroHealth is a successful, trustworthy EHR system design company. We are a veteran-owned business with unique insight into the technology and health care sectors. Many of our staff are former or current clinicians, so we understand the challenges the industry faces and the best solutions for better care

  • We can design an electronic health record system for your organization that effectively stores your patient data. Our solutions are user-friendly to promote efficient workflows. With our health care document management services, you can protect your organization while better serving your patients.

Project Spotlights

Excellence in Action

MicroHealth has worked with various branches of the United States government to provide clinical documentation improvement services. Our success with government projects has given us valuable experience in information technology in health care. We have provided electronic health record modernization for:

Defense Health Agency DHB

Defense Health Board (DHB) of the DHA: We provided record management support for managing their health information files.

Department of Veterans Affairs EHRM

Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM) Program for the VA: We provided deployment, testing and support for transitioning for the Cerner Electronic Medical Record program.

Health Resources & Services Administration EHR

Electronic Health Record System for the HRSA: We provided a full-service EHR system that helped the HRSA document the treatment of Hansen’s disease patients in the United States.

Learn More About EHR Interoperability Solutions with MicroHealth

Information technology in health care is making a shift to digital record-keeping. MicroHealth can help your health care organization move its critical files to an online database. For more information about our clinical documentation services, call 1-855-294-3547 or contact us online.