Independent Verification and Validation Services

Ensuring Quality Assurance with IV&V Testing Solutions

Resolving project challenges and software issues early is possible with proactive strategies. Independent verification and validation (IV&V) is one method for doing so successfully and affordably.

MicroHealth is an authorized provider of IV&V services for health care organizations and other federal government agencies. We’re a team of health care IT professionals emphasizing the “health” in health technology.

The Need for Independent Verification and Validation

IV&V services are interrelated, yet there are slight differences between the two concepts.

  • Software development verification answers the question, “Am I building the right product?” The process confirms that the program fulfills its intention by using objective measures as evidence. A third-party IV&V provider evaluates the Software Development Plan (SDP) for alignment with organizational objectives. This method allows developers to adjust the SDP to conserve resources and focus them appropriately.
  • Software development validation answers the question, “Did I build the product right?” This practice tests a program to determine its suitability for the intended use. Validation uses objective metrics to ensure that developers accurately build the program according to the plan. In the validation phase, the independent evaluator assesses the software for functionality, performance and execution.

Many federal agencies require a software tester independent of the agency and program developer. That includes three different factors:

Managerial Independence – Leadership involved in the IV&V testing must be from outside the organization. This helps ensure an autonomous selection of testing methodologies, data collection, and prevents conflicts of interest.
Financial Independence – Payments made to IV&V testing firms cannot connect to those made to the development team. The developer cannot share ties with the testing company to maintain impartiality in finances.
Technical Independence – Team members from the IV&V tester should remain unaware of program specifications and design decisions until testing begins. That ensures they can’t influence the development process.

MicroHealth’s Technical
Assistance Services
for Health Care Organizations

At MicroHealth, we focus our IV&V services on proactivity. Our technical assistance for health care providers includes thorough independent verification and validation testing, and we offer additional technology solutions for complex and unique challenges.

MicroHealth is uniquely positioned for health information system design. We are a veteran-owned company, so we understand the health care challenges military operations face. Many of our staff are former or current clinicians in the health care sector, which makes us health care experts first, technologists second.

Verification and Validation in Software Testing – As part of our complete testing services, MicroHealth’s team of experts conducts:

  • Security testing to ensure an enhanced posture
  • Recovery testing to examine your system’s potential to bounce back from failures
  • Performance testing to assess real-time execution
  • Stress testing to ensure your system maintains integrity under demand
  • Acceptance testing to increase stakeholder confidence

Our team embraces value-based Agile testing services in health care organizations. We apply flexibility, communication and collaboration principles to decrease time-to-release and improve the chances of successful implementation.

Additional Solutions:

  • Video conferencing technology: Patients can communicate directly with their health care providers for diagnostic and follow-up appointments.
  • Diagnostic data sharing: Patients and practitioners can share health information securely through the internet. Test results, assessments and photos can be shared with ease.

Project Spotlights

Excellence in Action

Federal Emergency Management Agency

MicroHealth is the preferred provider of IV&V testing, services and support for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Office of the Chief Information Officer. Our team engaged its expertise in Agile testing and IV&V to support its release management and configuration management efforts. We also help the agency leverage its technology with support for maturing its Systems Engineering Life Cycle Program.

Trust MicroHealth for IV&V Services

MicroHealth is a veteran-owned business with various contract vehicles for IV&V services. Our decades of experience as clinicians and technology professionals uniquely qualify us to design, test and implement IT systems that modernize your organization and improve patient outcomes.

Join the ranks of federal agencies with robust MicroHealth IT solutions today — contact us online or by calling 1-855-294-3547.