Medical Simulation Training

Health care errors may contribute to the deaths of up to 251,000 people in the U.S. each year. One way to prevent these deaths is to increase the knowledge and skill set of health care professionals — and medical simulation training is proving to be an effective solution.

The training represents a significant advancement in health care technology to change the way providers master their craft. Health care professionals use sophisticated tools to make real-time decisions that prepare them for real-life situations.

MicroHealth is an expert among medical simulation companies capable of delivering modernized technology solutions and support services that improve patient care.

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What Is Medical Simulation Training?

Medical simulation training is a modern approach to learning with advanced technological tools that imitate clinical situations. These simulations deliver an experiential learning environment without patient risk. Testing often involves honing skills like injection, intubation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It can also create realistic depictions of more advanced care environments, such as in a critical care facility, operating room or field hospital.

During medical simulation testing, a provider makes real-time decisions similar to those they’ll face in the field. The software takes the place of a patient, relieving the pressure of a less-than-ideal clinical outcome. This method gives providers the space to make mistakes that become valuable and irreplaceable learning opportunities.

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Offer Access to More Patients

Medical simulation testing is essential for providing hands-on learning of clinical skills and judgment.

Provide More Specialists and Doctors

The immersive learning produces outcomes like increased patient safety and lower health care costs by improving the provider’s expertise and treatment delivery.

The Benefits of Medical Simulation Software

Medical simulation software delivers powerful learning tools that bring health care professionals modern-day advantages for better patient care, like:

Provider Preparedness

Testing is an affordable and efficient way for health care professionals to gain the skills and experience they’ll need in clinical settings.

Instant Feedback

Healthcare simulation software delivers timely results so providers can immediately apply what they’ve learned to the next situation.

Consistent Reproducibility

Test participants can practice their skills repeatedly until they master them.

Better Decision-Making

Simulation software encourages the development of critical thinking skills required for better treatment deliveries and outcomes in real-life settings.

Research Opportunities

Testing is an ideal way to identify the causes of a particular event or outcome — when attempting to recreate the circumstances, providers may prevent similar occurrences.

Customization Capability

Medical simulation software supports tailored solutions for specific and unique needs.

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MicroHealth’s Experience in Medical Simulation Testing

MicroHealth has extensive experience developing medical simulation testing programs for the U.S. government and its agencies.

The U.S. Army Medical Simulation Training Center

MicroHealth delivers comprehensive services for medical simulation training to the Army’s Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) in Fort Hood. We handle the center’s need for simulation training in field-combat and clinical sites alike, providing software development and integration services. We also help them with Post-Deployment Support Services (PDSS) and system security throughout their deployment sites.

A minimum of 2,500 Army medics pass through the MSTC sites for recertification each year, and MicroHealth helps them achieve it.

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Defense Health Agency (DHA) Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

MicroHealth is responsible for developing, integrating, maintaining and testing the medical simulation program for SOCOM’s Purposed Emergency Access Response Point of Injury and Trauma Simulation (SPEARPOINTS). We designed this custom solution for the Special Operations Forces (SOF) to train for critical health care tasks in a mission scenario. Our platform deploys simulations in both safe house and team house settings for lasting confidence and preparedness.


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