Military Medical Simulation

Soldier applies bandage to leg wound

Immersive Medical Simulation Training for Military Personnel

Imagine being on your first overseas military mission, where danger suddenly strikes as insurgents launch an unexpected attack, leaving you wounded with a profusely bleeding leg.

Fortunately, a fellow Soldier, trained at the U.S. Army’s Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTCs), jumps into action, drawing upon the simulated experiences to apply life-saving techniques in the chaos. His ability to apply what he learned in a real-life, high-stakes scenario makes all the difference in your survival.

Today, MicroHealth’s Medical Simulation Support Team is helping this become a reality for warfighters and federal clients.

Our Team

MicroHealth’s MedSim team offers services ranging from technical refreshes or full installs, developing custom prototypes based on requirements, or using its software developers and engineers to design integrated solutions to meet emerging needs.

Through our cutting-edge medical simulation technology, we facilitate realistic and immersive training experiences for military personnel, allowing them to hone their skills and decision-making abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

We take great pride in our ability to blend cutting-edge technology with battle-tested insights, ultimately empowering military personnel to train and prepare for medical challenges with the utmost confidence and readiness.

What We Deliver

Team MicroHealth’s Integrated Program Management (IPM) methodology uses a combination of industry best practices and specialized experience to provide a well-rounded management approach to even the most difficult of tasks.

MicroHealth offers a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Site surveys and reports
  • Quality assurance activities
  • Test readiness reviews and reports
  • COTS integration
  • Artifact upgrades and maintenance
  • Requirements traceability
  • Logistics readiness review
  • Fielding support
  • Global logistics management
  • Technical publications
  • Training plans
  • 24/7 Helpdesk support for instructor/operators

The Need for Medical Simulation

Every member of a deployed team should be familiar with basic life-saving principles and techniques, for several reasons:

First Responder Capability – In a combat environment, immediate medical care may be crucial for saving lives. If every soldier is trained, they can provide critical care to wounded comrades while awaiting the arrival of medics or other medical personnel.

Situational Awareness – Soldiers are often the first to encounter their wounded comrades in a combat setting. Having a basic understanding of medical care empowers them to assess and respond to injuries effectively, potentially making a significant difference in the outcome for the injured individual.

Team Resilience – In high-stress situations, having multiple soldiers trained in combat care enhances the unit’s overall resilience. If a medic or other designated medical personnel are injured, others can step in to provide care and support until additional help arrives.

Unit Readiness – By equipping all soldiers with TCCC knowledge, units can enhance their overall readiness and effectiveness, ensuring that every member can contribute to the unit’s medical capabilities.

Train from Anywhere

Mobile Medical Simulation

Overcome the limitations of fixed facilities and deliver immersive, realistic, and scalable training experiences with MicroHealth’s mobile simulation solution.

Project Spotlights

Excellence in Action

MicroHealth has extensive experience developing medical simulation testing programs for the U.S. government and its agencies.

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