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Development, security and operations, or Dev/Sec/Ops, is a holistic approach to information security included in system design and functions. In practice, it makes data security an obligation for every user.

MicroHealth has significant experience in Dev/Sec/Ops support for federal government health care facilities. Our experts understand that today’s medical professionals face unique issues in health care software engineering and information security — and we know how to resolve them.

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Why Are IT Security Services Essential for Health Care?

Information security is crucial in health care because of the many stakeholders involved, including hospital administrators, medical staff, patients and third-party service providers. Each bears responsibility for safeguarding protected health information (PHI). The number of medical devices and workstations circulating in the field or facility also makes physical security an issue.

IT security services are essential for mitigating these risks and other challenges, including:

  • Preventing cyberattacks: Health care organizations everywhere can become a target for cyber threats like ransomware. They’re also attractive sources for hacking due to the lucrative PHI sales.
  • Protecting patient information access: Unsecure smartphone apps or emails present another way for intruders to gather PHI. It’s vital to maintain patient access while building robust systems without loopholes.
  • Ensuring continuity of care: An information security incident can disrupt operations and cause treatment delays. IT security services help ensure you can provide high-quality, consistent and timely care when patients need it.
  • Preventing costly damage: PHI breaches can violate a health care facility’s obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These events can result in financial penalties and reputational harm.
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Types of DevSecOps Tools

DevSecOps takes advantage of various security tools to create and enhance security posture. These include:

Software composition

                analysis                   (SCA)

Software composition analysis (SCA) tools detect potential risks in the source code and licenses, making it easier to escalate the high-risk items for remediation.

Dynamic application security testing (DAST)

The DAST resources demonstrate how a potential hacker may interact with platforms and integrations, exposing possible weaknesses through connected devices.

Static application security testing (SAST)

These tools check custom codes for loopholes that could present a security challenge, supporting early adjustments during initial development phases.

Interactive application security testing

These tools check custom codes for loopholes that could present a security challenge, supporting early adjustments during initial development phases.

Benefits of DevSecOps Services and Support

Health care organizations realize many advantages with our Dev/Sec/Ops services and support, including:

Standard Frameworks

We foster standards that facilitate traceability, incident management and response and regulatory compliance. As a result, our teams develop platforms with a sharp focus on security and rapid patch deployment.

Workforce Empowerment

Our passion for Dev/Sec/Ops builds team trust and limits hierarchy. Encouraging such mindsets increases adoption and engages everyone in the process.

Managed Risk

Our successful transition to a Dev/Sec/Ops mindset means we favor frequent, smaller releases. Doing so reduces the risk associated with larger-scale changes and nurtures innovation.

Reduced Development Costs

Our Dev/Sec/Ops services incorporate security at each process step. Addressing challenges as they arise means higher-quality software releases faster and more affordably.

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Other MicroHealth IT Security and Compliance Services

Our full-scale IT services help keep government-based providers secure and compliant. We proudly offer expertise for:

  • Secure cloud-based app development: MicroHealth’s team of skilled software engineers and developers helps health care organizations like yours leverage the power of cloud-based computing. We deliver accessibility from anywhere with robust security protocols to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Health care cybersecurity: We understand the unique risks health care organizations face due to the levels of data they store. Our cybersecurity support services use sophisticated tools and preventive methods to stop breaches from occurring.
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MicroHealth’s Experience in Dev/Sec/Ops

MicroHealth has delivered proven results for the Defense Health Agency (DHA), the Department of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services (HHS). Our experience with DHA includes a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment and remediation strategy for the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and the transitional Intermediate Management Organization. MicroHealth experts also assist the Department of Veterans Affairs with their cybersecurity efforts.

For HHS, MicroHealth helped redesign and modernize the system. Our solutions included provisions for system security and full-scale information management across the data life span.


Improve Your Healthcare IT Security With MicroHealth

As veterans and clinicians, we share a common goal — delivering the best patient care possible by leveraging technology. Our mission is to empower better decision-making and provide stakeholder value through innovative solutions and services. Discover what MicroHealth experts can do for you by calling us at 1-855-294-3547 or connecting with a team member online.

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