Telehealth Services

Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility through Telehealth Services and Support 

As health care IT has continued to grow, technology such as telehealth has made breakthroughs in patient care. Telehealth uses technology services to support virtual medical appointments. This practice has enhanced health care capabilities for both the patient and provider. Telehealth takes advantage of technology to extend health care and services further.

MicroHealth offers telehealth support services to bring this technology to your health care organization. Our telehealth solutions can help any health care provider modernize to provide better care for patients.

Benefits of Health Information
System Design That Supports Telehealth

Telehealth makes it easier for patients to get the health care they need. Telehealth is a valuable solution for applications where access to care could be improved. For example, access to care is a problem in the military health system. Military treatment facilities can be difficult to access due to their patients living far away. Telehealth allows greater accessibility to these facilities, reducing the need for individuals to be referred to a civilian provider. Telehealth is also valuable for the military in deployed settings. Other patient benefits include:

MicroHealth’s Health Information Technology Services for Telehealth

MicroHealth is an IT solutions provider for the health care industry seeking to put health back into health information technology. With MicroHealth, you can modernize your health care offerings while maintaining IT security and compliance with HIPAA.

Health care facilities will need to modernize IT systems and infrastructure to support telehealth options. We can create, maintain and support networks and implement security measures. MicroHealth supports health care providers with:

  • Video conferencing technology: Patients can communicate directly with their health care providers for diagnostic and follow-up appointments.
  • Diagnostic data sharing: Patients and practitioners can share health information securely through the internet. Test results, assessments and photos can be shared with ease.

MicroHealth is uniquely positioned for health information system design. We are a veteran-owned company, so we understand the health care challenges military operations face. Many of our staff are former or current clinicians in the health care sector, which makes us health care experts first, technologists second.

Project Spotlights

Excellence in Action

MicroHealth has previously completed health information technology services for many branches of the United States government.

United States Coast Guard

We provide a software service solution that supports live teleconferencing between Coast Guard health care professionals and patients. This solution is commercial off-the-shelf and hosted in the cloud.

Learn More About Our Health Information System Design for Telehealth

Telehealth is the future of medicine for government and commercial applications. MicroHealth is the expert in health care IT for telehealth services. Our contracts include white-glove service to address every need.

For more information about our telehealth support services, call us at 1-855-294-3547 or contact us online.