Mobile Medical Simulation Training

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The need for live simulation to replicate full-speed rehearsals remains crucial, particularly when it comes to field training in austere environments.

MicroHealth’s mobile medical simulation training solution addresses these challenges by offering portable, adaptable, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional training infrastructure.

Why It Matters

Existing systems for controlling simulation peripherals, such as light, sound, and smoke, are often limited to large, fixed facilities. This limits the flexibility of training locations and hinders the immersive experience essential for effective simulation training.

MicroHealth’s mobile solution offer portable and adaptable training alternatives.

  • Empowers clients to overcome the limitations of fixed facilities and deliver immersive, realistic, and scalable training experiences that align with the evolving needs of modern simulation training.
  • Ease of use: creates mini-Medical Simulation Training Centers at any location. Packaged in hard cases for practical deployment in diverse training environments.
  • Operates conveniently from a laptop platform.
  • Why it matters: MicroHealth’s solution operates without the need for a fixed facility, significantly reducing costs and expanding the reach of simulation training.

Point of Need Simulation

Team MicroHealth uses a combination of industry best practices and specialized experience to provide a well-rounded approach to building, configuring, and deploying its mobile solutions and services.

  • Single interface for both simulator and simulation control.
  • Mobile, exportable medical simulation trainer at any location.
  • Cost efficiencies in portability of solutions and reach of training.
  • Integrated control of the environmental simulators, such as smoke, light, scent, and sound.
  • Interoperability of this capability that integrates with other simulators (e.g., human, canine).
  • Operators tailor training using scripted and ad-hoc elements.
  • Adaptable for multiple use cases, including military, police, fire/rescue, and disaster simulation.

Mobile Medical Simulation

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Mobile Medical Simulation

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