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Transforming Healthcare with Strategic Data Analytics Solutions

Using health information technology research intelligently and cohesively throughout an organization allows for more efficient resource management and better patient experiences.

MicroHealth is a trusted and experienced leader among data analytics solution providers to the medical entities managed by the U.S. government. Our health care analytics services modernize patient care and treatment delivery for improved service and outcomes.

Data Analytics for Healthcare

There are many ways to collect health care data, including patient portals, health-related apps, wearable devices, electronic health records, research studies, online tools and databases, and more.

Health data analytics classify into four types — descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and discovery.

This data provides information about what has occurred. It reports concrete statistics and displays them in an easy-to-digest way, such as how many patients sought medical treatment during the previous month and the average patient waiting time. Health technology research is useful in resource planning or identifying opportunities for improvement.

This data forecasts the probability of an event occurring. For health care professionals, leveraging this information requires up-to-date figures and robust interoperability that centralizes data and enhances access. Health care data analysts who incorporate such solutions see better decision-making and proactive care opportunities sooner.

This information is about the future beyond just predicting a potential event — it provides actionable insights to manage what comes next. Such data is a powerful tool for initiatives like preventing the spread of infection by identifying vulnerable patients or commonalities in care that could lead to outbreaks.

With discovery analytics, health care professionals can better assess potential next steps. This strategy uses sophisticated applications to analyze data that improves patient care, such as developing alternative treatments and new medications. Clinicians can test theories against the data to predict outcomes, which may help quicken new solutions.

Federal Government
Data Analytics Services

At MicroHealth, we focus on putting the health back into health IT. That’s why we offer a more comprehensive range of solutions than many health analytics companies, including:

  • Database Administration Support Services: An optimized and well-maintained database is essential to your data pipeline and its efficiency. The MicroHealth team ensures yours is built for peak performance and keeps it that way.
  • Data Governance and Data Quality Management: Health care providers operate in a highly regulated industry, making data governance services essential to privacy law compliance. We include these with comprehensive data management services for full-scale data oversight and administration.
  • Data Engineering Services: Our IT professionals understand the unique challenges of disparate systems and interoperability for government-based health care providers. We have the expertise to design and build the ideal data pipeline that works for your agency.
  • Advanced Analytics Capabilities: MicroHealth is an experienced provider of advanced analytics services, like providing natural language processing and machine learning enhancements. Our experts will help you design a custom strategy for improving patient outcomes through robust data collection and analysis tools.

Project Spotlights

Excellence in Action

Indian Health Services

MicroHealth experts filled a valuable role for the Indian Health Services (IHS) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team assisted the agency with enterprise-wide analytics and intelligence by designing custom strategies for: – Reporting – Mature data management – Implementation of enhancements to reduce gaps – Streamlined data collection – Sharing essential clinical data with appropriate health agencies

Defense Health Agency

Our team also worked with the Defense Health Agency to design and implement machine learning solutions with natural language processing features. These tools help extract, structure and interpret complex data into standardized formats used to support clinical decisions.

Leverage Your Data for Better Insights With MicroHealth

MicroHealth is a veteran-owned and clinician-staffed healthcare data analytics company with an expanding trophy cabinet. Our solutions deliver in-depth insights to support better decision-making and drive stakeholder value. For more information on data analytics services — or any MicroHealth IT solution — connect with a team member online or by calling 1-855-294-3547.