10 Miraculous Survival Stories

By Frank Tucker | Aug 1, 2016

1. A newborn baby girl who cried in the morgue 12 hours after being declared deceased

Luz Milagros Veron is a strong little girl with an incredible story of her birth. She was born three months before the expected date and showed no signs of life. Doctors thought her stillborn and sent her to the morgue, but she was alive. Her parents insisted to see her, so she was shown to her parents one last time so they could say goodbye. After 12 hours spent in the closed coffin, the girl stirred and began to cry. She was cold as ice, but definitely alive. Since then, Luz Milagros is growing up by leaps and bounds and becoming stronger with each passing day.

It is said that child birth itself is a miraculous event. This story just adds to the moment held dearly by parents across the globe. Moments like these gives parents hope of the future that their children can overcome any obstacles placed in their way.

2. A child fell through the toilet onto railroad tracks immediately after birth

railroad track with vibrant skyThis case is rightly called as a miracle – a newborn girl fell into the hole of the toilet train and survived. Pregnant Rinku Debi Ray went with her husband and four-year daughter in Bihar (India), to her parents, where she was planning to have her second child.

On the train she had stomach ache and went to the toilet. The little girl was impatient to be born. Everything happened very quickly, and the child jumped out of the mother’s body into the toilet, which had hole leading straight to the rail road. The woman ran to her husband, who pulled the emergency brake and together they to look for their child. Surprisingly, after such an adventure, the girl was safe with only minor bruises and scratches.

Yet another miracle of birth where the life of an innocent girl is protected by fate and she and her parents walk away from what could have been a tragedy. The only unfortunate aspect about this event is that Rey’s parents were not there to share the moment of birth as planned.

3. Revival from a coma after 19 years

Stories of revival from coma after many years are not quite so unusual, but such cases are always striking. It happened with a Polish railway worker who stayed unconscious for 19 years. The story began in 1988, when Poland was under the control of the communist regime. Railway-man Jan Grzhebski received a serious head injury from the car mount. He was taken to hospital, where doctors told relatives the unfortunate news. In addition to injuries on the job due to the accident, he was also suffering from brain cancer. He fell into a coma for a long period of 19 years. Doctors believed he could not live more than three years. But the family of Jan and his wife believed he would be able to recover. The patient was taken care of and all that is necessary for his survival was carried out. The story

ended surprisingly – Mr. Grzhebski woke up April 12, 2007, after 19 years of being in a coma. The world around was quite different, as he awoke to capitalism and democracy. It was a surprise when he learned that communism had been gone for 18 years.

A lot can happen in 19 years, he missed the election of various U.S. presidents, the debut of the Simpsons, the end of the Cold War, the deterioration of the USSR, 9-11, the birth of the World Wide Web, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the appeal of Apartheid, and the use of the Euro as currency. The world he knew when he first went into the coma had changed very radically from what he knew along with his home where his 11 grandchildren were waiting to meet him.

4. Survival after falling from the 47th floorskyscrapers

The newspaper “New York Daily News” said that the December 7, 2007 the brothers Alcides and Edgar Moreno were washing the windows of one of the city’s skyscrapers. Suddenly, a 5-meter structure collapsed down from a height of 47 floors. Edgar died on the spot, but Alcides survived by cheating death. Doctors made at least 16 operations. He had broken his ribs, both legs, right arm and severely damaged his
spine as well. Doctors describe the recovery of the victim as “miraculous.” Alcides Moreno completely restored his health within a period of two years.

If this man was not a believer in miracles before, I would surely believe he is one now. In interviews with doctors they proclaim that his chances of survival were well under 1 percent. With that type of luck, if I were him, I would play the lottery when the pot escalated to an insane amount.

5. A teenager who lived 118 days without a heart

D’Zhana Simmons of South Carolina is a walking medical miracle. She was able to live for about four months without a heart, while waiting for a new body to replace her damaged one. Simmons suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), so she had a weak and enlarged heart which could not pump the blood efficiently. Surgeons at Children’s Hospital of Miami Holtz July 2, 2008 performed an initial transplant, but the transplanted heart stopped working and was quickly removed. Jeanne continued to live without a heart and her blood was pumped artificially by a pumping device. Dr. Ricci, director of pediatric cardiac surgery, said: “She in fact lived 118 days without a heart, her blood circulation being supported only by two pumps.”

The heart is arguably the most important organ in the body. The fact that this girl was able to live nearly four months without one is astounding. To have her heart removed, transplant another one, watch it fail, and replace it with an artificial pump sounds like a story with a grieving end but instead she continued to live. A remarkable story of fate.

6. Boy recovered after orthopedic decapitation

Jordan Taylor had a car accident separating his skull from his vertebrae. The Doctors term this type of injury as an “orthopedic decapitation.” He had about a 1% chance of survival. The news of what happened to him spread to the family’s church and many others churches across the country. His mother says she knew of at least 20 churches praying for him at a time.

He had a surgery which reconnected his spine to his skull. 3 months later, he was discharged from hospital and is now back in school.

What this boy survived through is recognized as a rare event however, it is nearly impossible to survive. I imagine most if not all lose hope of regaining the life of a loved one who suffers from this. Jordan’s mother was very frightened but was relieved when she was given the news that Jordan was going to live and recover to live a normal and healthy life.

7. Paraplegic man contracted a spider bite and started walking again

A motorbike accident almost killed Mr. David Blancarte about 21 years ago. He survived, but was unable to move his legs. He remained confined to a wheelchair for about 20 years until bitten by a brown recluse spider. He was hospitalized for and spent 8 months in physical therapy department. In therapy, a nurse noticed spasm one of Blancarte’s legs and ran some tests. Five days later, David was walking again.

Paraplegia can be staggering to a person’s life, people often lose self-esteem or confidence. Blancarte was offered a rare second chance. I cannot fathom the possibility that after 20 years the reaction from a poisonous spider bite would restored the nerve function in someone who is paralyzed. After this incident, a study could be ignited on what caused the nerves in his legs to be reinvigorated.

8. Teenage model Who’s body has been held together by 11 rods

Katrina Burgess was 17years old when she was told by doctors that she may never be able to walk again after surviving a car accident. She broke her neck along with a variety of other injuries. But after being put back together with 11 metal rods and enough pins and screws, she was signed by a modeling company.

Surgeons at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset, said that without surgery she might have died of spinal injury. The doctors inserted a rod from her hip to her left leg and knee and secured it inside with four titanium pins. The most risky surgery was performed a week later. They sliced open her back and inserted six more horizontal rods up the length of her back to support her spine. A week later, after that, they inserted a titanium screw to the top of her spine to support the break in her fragile neck. Only a day after the last operation, she was able to take her first steps. Astonishingly, five months on from the crash, the teenager has recovered to the point where she no longer even needs painkillers.

9. 8-Year Old Girl Beats Clinical Rabies without Vaccination When Put On Ventilator

Rabies is a very deadly disease. The chances of survival from active rabies infection are almost zero. But there are some lucky patients who have managed to survive, marking the history. Precious Reynolds is one of them.

Precious Reynolds, an 8-year-old girl and resident of Humboldt County, is the third person in the United States known to have survived from clinical rabies infection without receiving the rabies vaccination.

When she presented, she had a clinical disease and her chances of survival were very slim. It couldn’t be discovered how she acquired this disease but it was thought that she might have contracted it from a feral cat near her school. She presented late and couldn’t get vaccination for prevention of this disease after exposure. The doctors put her on ventilator and let her body fight the disease as there is no drug to treat active rabies infection. Astonishingly, she recovered from this disease. The credit goes to her immune system as well as the dedicated medical team treating her. Now she is the 3rd person known to have survived from active rabies infection in the USA.

10. A Man Who Survived Gun-Shot Head Injury

Head injury is considered the most dangerous form of injury. The mortality rate is very high and those who survive often have some sensory or motor deficit for the rest of their lives. But here is a story of a lucky guy who survived the most severe form of head injury with minimal disability.

A 28year male was brought into Surgical ER of Services Hospital Lahore Pakistan with gun-shot head wound. He was shot in head while riding his bike, and he was profusely bleeding when rushed to the ER. CT scan brain was performed which confirmed presence of a bullet in right temporal area along with severe contusions in the right temporal lobe of the brain. The surgery was performed and the bullet removed along with his entire severely damaged right temporal lobe. He survived the head injury and surgery and returned to normal life after 6 months. He developed epilepsy later, but is now living a healthy life, with epilepsy well controlled by oral anti-epileptics.



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