10 Miraculous Survival Stories

By Frank Tucker | Aug 1, 2016

1. Miracle Baby: 12 Hours in the Morgue

Luz Milagros Veron, born prematurely and initially thought to be stillborn, miraculously survived after being found alive in the morgue. Despite a challenging start, she has been thriving and growing stronger with each passing day, bringing hope to parents worldwide. This incredible story enriches the universal belief in the miraculous nature of childbirth and the resilience of children in overcoming adversity. 

2. Toilet Birth Survival: From Trains to Triumph 

This occurrence is justly termed a miracle – a newborn girl fell into the hole of a train toilet and survived. While traveling in Bihar, India, pregnant Rinku Debi Ray experienced labor pains and went to the train’s toilet. In a quick turn of events, the baby was born and fell into the toilet, leading straight onto the railroad tracks. After the parents’ swift response, the girl was found safe with only minor injuries. This serves as another miraculous birth, where fate protected the innocent child, and she and her parents escaped what could have been a tragedy. 

3. Awakening After 19 Years: Revival from a Coma

In 1988, Polish railway worker Jan Grzhebski fell into a coma following a serious head injury and brain cancer diagnosis. Despite doctors’ bleak prognosis, his family steadfastly believed in his recovery. Mr. Grzhebski surprised everyone by awakening from his 19-year coma on April 12, 2007. Upon regaining consciousness, he discovered a world transformed by events such as the end of communism, election of various U.S. presidents, and technological advancements. The sheer magnitude of change during his coma provides a remarkable backdrop to his extraordinary story of revival.

4. 47th Floor Miracle: A Fall and Rise

On December 7, 2007, while washing windows on a city skyscraper, Alcides and Edgar Moreno experienced a 5-meter structure collapse from 47 floors. Tragically, Edgar perished at the scene, while Alcides miraculously survived but suffered severe injuries. Following 16 surgeries and with his recovery described as “miraculous,” Alcides fully restored his health within two years, defying overwhelming odds and inspiring belief in the extraordinary. 

5. Living Without a Heart: 118 Days of Perseverance

D’Zhana Simmons of South Carolina faced a remarkable medical journey, living for nearly four months without a heart while awaiting a suitable transplant. Suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, her weak and enlarged heart compromised efficient blood circulation. Despite an initial heart transplant that failed, D’Zhana persevered with two artificial pumps supporting her blood circulation for 118 days, showcasing remarkable resilience and medical innovation. 

6. Overcoming Orthopedic Decapitation: Unbreakable Resilience

Jordan Taylor miraculously survived an “orthopedic decapitation,” with doctors giving him a mere 1% chance of survival after a car accident separated his skull from his vertebrae. His recovery, despite being deemed nearly impossible, is attributed to a pioneering surgery that reconnected his spine to his skull. Three months later, he was discharged from the hospital and resumed schooling, defying the odds of his devastating injury and giving hope to many.

7. From Paralysis to Walking: Defying the Spider’s Bite

David Blancarte, who had been confined to a wheelchair for about 20 years following a near-fatal motorbike accident, experienced a dramatic turnaround after being bitten by a brown recluse spider. Hospitalized and receiving 8 months of physical therapy, a nurse observed a spasm in Blancarte’s legs, leading to tests that ultimately enabled him to walk again within five days. His astonishing recovery provided a rare second chance, sparking curiosity regarding the nerve function restoration in paralyzed individuals. 

8. Model of Resilience: 11 Rods Holding Strong

After surviving a car accident at 17 years old, doctors informed Katrina Burgess that she might never walk again. Suffering a broken neck and multiple injuries, she underwent a risky surgery to insert 11 metal rods and several pins and screws. Despite the significant spinal injury, she made an impressive recovery and was later signed by a modeling company. Surgeons at Musgrove Park Hospital performed the critical surgeries, stabilizing her spine, and within five months of the accident, she no longer required painkillers and could walk again.

9. Rabies Survivor: The 8-Year-Old Who Defied the Odds

Rabies is a deadly disease with almost zero chances of survival once contracted. However, Precious Reynolds, an 8-year-old from Humboldt County, California, became the third person in the United States to survive clinical rabies infection without receiving the rabies vaccination. Despite the slim odds of survival and late presentation, she recovered, thanks to her immune system and the dedicated medical team. 

10. A Headshot’s Endurance: Surviving Against the Odds

A 28-year-old man was brought to the Surgical ER of Services Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan with a gunshot wound to the head. After undergoing surgery to remove the bullet and the severely damaged right temporal lobe, he successfully recovered and returned to normal life after six months. Although he developed epilepsy later on, it is now well controlled by oral anti-epileptics, and he leads a healthy life.

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