Ontology Engineering

By MicroHealth | Mar 19, 2019

What is Ontology Engineering?

This is a specific engineering field focused on the methodologies of building Ontologies in the category of Computer Science or Information Technology (IT). Representation of the relationships between concepts with a domain is one of the main functions of this IT section.

What is a UML (Unified Modeling Language) Profile?

In the process of customizing UML models into a selected domain or a specific platform providing a generic extension. This extension makes the way to stay away from standard semantics in a strictly addictive manner, preventing contradicting standards semantics.

What is ISO/IEC 11179?

(ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registry (MDR) Standard)
This is an International Standard to represent ‘Metadata’ for the Metadata Registry organizations.

How the UML Profile for the ISO 11179-3 works?

The complexity always depends in this process. There is always a positive relationship between the complexity and the difficulty in following the relationships. It is basically a type of graphical representation or notation which gives more understanding. But this is way different from languages such as: OWL and UML etc. OWL and UML only covers small area.
Key Factors: Properties of OWL are first class. Second class UML is a less developed level. Mapping OWL properties directly to UML can be much difficult.
UML profiles support binaries.

OWL uses true set of theoretical concepts for the process. Though UML 2.5 semantics are closer to OWL; many practitioners do not tempt to use set of theoretical features.
UML and KR together
Mechanics of managing models such as: XML, Java normally streamlines with the MOF technology.
Reasoning about resources basically supports Knowledge Representation.
1. Semantic alignment among differing vocabularies gets supported.
2. Checking and model validation, business rule analysis enables consistency.
3. Questions which were not answered before due to multiple resources will be answered.
4. It uses policy-driven applications to influence existing knowledge and policies to solve common business problems
5. No help is given with reasoning by MOF
6. KR does not focus on mechanics which manages models or metadata
7. Complementary technologies

Ontology Definition Meta-model (ODM)

A set of meta-models and profiles which enables interchange, ontology development in UML 2.
Uses the formal logic enabling reasoning engines in order to understand, validate and apply ontology developed by ODM.
It maps other OMG standards which works or go under consideration.

Next steps at OMG

When W3c moves the ball forward on a number of relevant fronts. They do following functions: Simplification, bug fixing, provenance etc.
In ODM 1.1, it supports both changes proposed RDF 1.1 and OWL 2.
RFP supports API for knowledge base access.
Development of critical vocabularies
* Date and time related vocabularies. This currently supports SBVR, OCL, CL and mapping to OWL.
* Information Exchange Framework (IEF) Packaging Policy Vocabulary (IEPPV)
* Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO)


Part 3: Putting It All Together

* Checking Syntax errors
There are few tool involve in this. All tools have different capabilities. These tools become useful in handling complex projects.
* Checking Consistency
* Instance Data Analysis and Service Evaluation
* Example Application
* Demo – Visual Ontology Modeler (VOM)


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