MicroHealth Releases Veterans Disability Calculators

By Frank Tucker | Jan 27, 2014

Vienna, VA – Jan. 23, 2014 – Dr. Frank Tucker, CEO of MicroHealth, announced the availability of three online Veterans Affairs Disability calculators in addition to the firm’s My VA Disability app, the only mobile application to help determine disability compensation. The new tools provide veterans with an easy to use online calculator and reference to ascertain benefits.

“As a disabled veteran myself, it’s been something important for us to provide back to the community.” said Tucker. “We provided a guide based on our experience in the process along with a list of Veteran Service Organizations. We found Veteran Service Organizations absolutely helpful in our personal experiences with the VA disability process. We also created a guide to the claims and application process to accompany these calculators. The web-based calculators are completely free. They are also available free for those who might want to embed them on their website.”

Individuals can access the VA Disability Rating Calculator, the VA Disability Compensation Calculator or the combined VA Disability Rating and Compensation Calculator from their website https://www.microhealthllc.com. Results are based on multiple percentage rates of disability and the calculators provide results for veterans with and without dependents. The tools allow users to enter data based on documented medical conditions.

The process of determining disability and compensation is complicated, and many veterans may not fully understand why certain questions or information is required. Prior to the release of the MicroHealth tools, calculators often used terms familiar to VA disability professionals, but meant little to veterans and offered no clarification. MicroHealth calculators are easy to understand and simplify the process and complimented by a VA disability process guide. Dr. Anthony Inae, a physician, an Air Force Veteran, MicroHealth’s Chief Medical Officer and designer of these calculators remark “There are three things I wish I had taken advantage of during my departure from the Service. First, a simplified guide like the ones we created. Second, calculation tools so that I had an idea of what to expect for a given rating and compensation profile. And finally I would have leveraged a Veteran Service Organization like the ones we listed in our guide, had I known, that provide very valuable service for separating Service Members.”

For users of mobile devices, My VA Disability app is available at Google Play for Android systems. Developed for service personnel retiring or separating from the military, the innovative new app is easy to use and provides veterans with a close approximation of the final dollar amount they can expect to receive.

Veterans are facing significant difficulties when applying for benefits. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is suffering from a backlog of applications from all service branches. Claim processing can easily take six months and some veterans have waited more than 300 days for a determination. VA representatives have indicated that installation of an automated system to replace paper claims will accelerate processing over the next two years.

The Veterans Administration cited a number of factors for determination delays. Lack of staff; an influx of claims from veterans of the Vietnam War to the current conflict; and the addition of new conditions that are eligible for benefits, resulted in a backlog of more than 830,000 claims as of June 2013. The government shutdown in Oct. 2013 further exacerbated the problem.

The disability and compensation calculators along with the My VA Disability app introduced by MicroHealth provide individuals with user-friendly tools to obtain a close estimate of the benefits they’ll receive. The calculators are available online 24/7 and free for all to use. For organizations who would like to embed the web-based calculators in their website, they may do so free and without ads by contacting MicroHealth through their website contact form.

About MicroHealth

MicroHealth is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business who specializes in Health Information Technology (HIT) for federal and commercial health institutions. Within the HIT domain, we specialize in Program Management, Research, Business Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Software Development, System Integration & Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Re-Engineering, Information Assurance, Mobile Technology, Electronic Health Records, Health Communication, Training, Testing and Medical Logistics. At MicroHealth, we believe health information technology is less about the technology. It’s about the PEOPLE empowered with information to make better decisions; VALUE it brings to patients, providers, public health and payers; and INNOVATION that help improve patient outcomes. Simply put, MicroHealth places “health” back into health information technology. This is accomplished through a dedicated team of seasoned health experts including dentists, physicians, health care providers, medical logisticians among other allied health professionals that help ensure healthcare needs are met using technology as a catalyst to achieve better health outcomes. For more information, visit the MicroHealth website at https://www.microhealthllc.com.


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