Veterans Disability Protection Act

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Veterans Disability Protection Act

What is VDPA all about and what’s the catch of having this act? Will it provide better benefits to all the veterans having a disability? What is this piece of legislation by the way? In today’s world, more and more veterans are given to have proper and equal rights by the Congress, it may not be an enough repayment for their good deeds in securing the country’s peace and safety but it is whole great thing at least give them what they deserve. If you were in their situation would you feel privilege that your hardship will not be put into nothing?

Recently, a significant legislation was passed in the Congress last July 16 of year 2010. The piece of legislation was known as the Veterans Disability Protection Act of 2010 (VDPA) and soon will go before the U.S Congress. The main goal of VDPA was to provide benefits for disabled veteran military with a total protection. For many years, they’ve been fighting for their right to have a just and equal compensation and earn a ‘divisible marital assets’. That is why VDPA is created to ease their problem regarding that particular issue.

Veterans Act disability compensation was a tax-free ward for those veterans who were injured in the combat or service-related damage. The compensation was protected by the federation. However, most of the l civil judges doesn’t recognize the VDPA and the divorce attorneys decline or refuses to practice the federal code in order to protect these veterans. The judge’s undesirable practice leads veterans to be homeless or worst led them in suicide. Remember that ‘Military retirement pay’ is very different from ‘VA disability compensation’ thus making these judges think that veteran’s compensation is for the divorce settlement which was a real bad practice and violation of the law! That is why VDPA was made to eliminate such kind of injustice for disabled veterans.

The ‘Congressional Record’ and ‘Library of Congress’ clearly explained that the compensation for the veterans with service-related disability was meant to give financial assistance for them in order to help them have a productive and wholesome life. VDPA also reinforced the protection of disabled veterans’ compensation from any third parties and creditors without any attachment. If you are thinking that ‘veteran’s disability compensation’ was a form of property, income or asset, then you should know that it is a tax-exemption awarded to an individual thus having particular disability. It is a big difference because VDPA ensures that the compensation paid by U.S Government will solely goes to eligible veterans and not to another person. Therefore eligible veterans will be in good hands.

Furthermore, through these legislative Congress endeavor veterans will surely get what they deserve. The protection for disabled veterans truly evolved and has revolutionized over the years. Unlike before, when a soldier was injured causing him to a serious disability, he will no longer be considered as a whole person. Aside from these, law for veterans with disability were not as focused and strong in providing benefits and protection for the veterans before. These cause them to become homeless, helpless, face bankruptcy, emotional stress, health failure and often times lead to divorce due to lack of federal law protection. It is really unfair for them since they suffered much from their duty and yet they don’t worth the failure and downside that they are experiencing.

Understanding VDPA is really important especially that it plays a vital role in giving significant advantages to the dedicated veterans of the country. As time pass by, law for these disabled veterans had grown in progress thus helping them gain and earn the hardship that they offered to serve their country. With the changes in the laws, they had gain a better opportunity of having a good life and better settlement for themselves despite of their disability. The benefits have increased positively and maximize the protection that they can get out of it. Now they can enjoy their life under VDPA. So therefore, as a citizen it is important to take part in knowing these benefits specially if you know that you can help these veterans and letting them know that they can have a better protection under VDPA of 2010.

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